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Is a Budget Motor Warranty the best one for your car or vehicle? Find out everything you know about what their warranty options cover and how they work here.

Everyone wants affordable insurance that covers everything they need, which is just what Budget is offering. Now, you can also get a Budget Motor Warranty from this South African insurer. As a reliable South African insurance company, Budget Insurance is known for offering short-term insurance products that safeguard the livelihood and financial future of many South Africans.

What is a Budget Motor Warranty?

Budget offers 2 motor warranties that help cover events not covered by your insurance policy, such as electrical failures and mechanical breakdowns of your vehicle. Often, an insurance product only covers accidents and accidental damage or losses.

Many of us may want additional cover beyond roadside assistance to pay for repairs when our car breaks down. Vehicle manufacturers often give motorists a limited warranty for several years that covers certain parts of the car. When this warranty expires, you will need a level of cover through a Budget warranty.

What is the Difference between Car Insurance & a Motor Warranty?

Warranties are designed to cover mechanical breakdowns, and insurance is designed to cover accidents.

Car insurance covers the costs of repairs or replacement of a vehicle due to accidental damage. It can often include emergency medical care, roadside assistance, and third-party claim costs. Car insurance is vital to ensure you get a speedy medical response in an emergency and that the cost of repairs after an accident is covered.

Warranties, on the other hand, assure a driver of cover for some parts of their vehicle for a number of years or a predetermined distance. For example, your manufacturer warranty may cover your engine for mechanical breakdown for 5 years. After 5 years, you will need an extended motor warranty that extends the period within which the engine is covered.

Do I Need a Motor Warranty?

If you own a vehicle, you may need a motor warranty. You may already have a valid manufacturer’s warranty that covers a limited amount of parts if you have a relatively new vehicle. Even so, you may want an extended motor warranty that covers even more. You can get this type of cover from an insurance company such as Budget Insurance.

Motor warranty insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance will ensure you don’t need to pay a large sum out-of-pocket if your car breaks down. That’s why comprehensive car insurance alone is not enough cover.

What Do Budget’s Motor Warranties Cover?

Budget offers two options for motorists in South Africa. Each plan comes with its over cover terms and cover limits. Whether you need cover for accessories or cover for breakdown assistance you can find what you need with one of their plans.

The Budget Pre-Owned Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

This plan covers only passenger and 4×4 vehicles with valid roadworthy certificates that are in sound mechanical condition and weigh less than 3,500kg. It does not cover taxis, rented vehicles, exotic vehicles, or rebuilt vehicles.

The category your vehicle falls into will determine the scope of your cover. This warranty will, however, only cover vehicles up to a maximum of 300,000km or 15 years.

AUnder 7 years old with under 120 000 km on the clock.
BUnder 9 years old with under 160 000 km on the clock.
CUnder 10 years old with under 220 000 km on the clock.
DOther vehicles that don’t fall into the above categories.

The plan requires that you service your car regularly according to the specifications from the manufacturer. If you need to claim, you can call Budget Insurance and they will let you know which approved dealers in your area you can take the vehicle to.

The policy only covers specific components of your car, and cover is subject to inspection of the damage. Here are the vehicle parts this plan covers. It is important to note that terms, conditions, and exclusions may apply to the parts and events covered. The details can be found in your policy documents.

Air Conditioner Compressor192-Day Vehicle Rental
Braking System20Cambelt Failure
Cooling System21Central Locking
CV Joints22Clutch
Differential23Drive Pulleys
Differential Lock24Electric Mirrors Motor
Electronic Ignition25Electric Sunroof Motors and Convertible Roof Motors
Engine26Electric Winch
Free 4×4 Wheel Hubs27Electrical Components
Front Wheel Drive Unit28Entertainment System
Fuel System29Manufacturer Fitted Alarms and Immobilisers
Management System30Overheating
Manual and Automatic Transmission31Overnight Accommodation
Propshafts and Couplings32Radiator
Pump on Diesel Vehicles33Suspension
Steering Mechanism34Towing Charges
Transaxle35Transponder Key
Turbo Assembly36Viscous and Electric Fans

The Budget Extended Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

This plan differs because it is only designed to cover vehicles that still have a valid manufacturer’s warranty, to extend the cover you already have. This plan does not cover vehicles with more than 120,000km on the clock.

You can choose from 4 tiers of cover dependent on the size of your vehicle’s engine. For most components, you can get unlimited cover, no matter which option you choose. Cover starts at R50,000 and goes up to R100,000.

Your car should have a full service history and comply with similar terms and conditions to those for the Pre-owned Motor Warranty.

How to Get the Best Motor Warranty in South Africa

You don’t need to contact different warranty providers or spend time comparing options. Let our system do the work for you. Simply fill in the form at the top of this page, and our advanced technology will match you with the ideal warranty provider for your needs. Best of all, they contact you!

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