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Who is Genric?

Genric is a registered financial services provider with a difference. At Genric, you can get access to niche motor warranty solutions from insuretech companies, brokers, startups, and specialist UMAs. Their unique partnership program allows them to equip their partners to bring you the innovative solution to mechanical breakdowns that you need.

Genric has equipped their partners financially, allowing them to participate in the South African motor warranty market. Genric’s goal is to bring you warranties that give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growth. They also aim to bring you competitive premiums and excellent service through their brokers and clients.

How Does Genric Work?

With their innovative partnership-based approach to cover, Genric enables their business partners to grow and prosper as their own individual businesses. They simply back their partners with the aim of bringing you the best vehicle warranty options. They do this by providing capital, solvency, strategic direction, and financial and operational processes.

Thanks to partnerships with highly skilled individuals with strong leadership who are responsibly driven, creative innovators, and forward-thinking market leaders, Genric can bring you unrivaled coverage. In an age of digital evolution and tech disruption, Genric’s partners are thriving.

The company also partners with brokers to bring you expert advice. Brokers are required to maintain levels of professionalism and integrity that protect the customer’s interests and are able to offer a scope of products to suit your warranty needs.

Is Genric the Best Car Warranty Company in South Africa?

The South African motor warranty industry is saturated with great warranty products and reputable warranty companies. With a flood of offers and quotes, it can be hard to discern which insurer is the best option when it comes to getting an extended warranty for your car.

The best warranty company for you may not be the same as what’s best for someone else. To find the best insurance providers for your needs, you may need to compare quotes. You can get a free quote right here, on our site. Just fill in our online form.

What Motor Warranty Products Do They Offer?

Genric’s motor warranty solutions through partners means they can bring you niche warranty cover. They do not offer warranties in the health and accident, motor and transport, property, guarantee, and liability sectors. You can, however, get a mechanical breakdown warranty for your vehicle from them.

Their mechanical warranty is affordable, with reasonable monthly premiums that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It covers more than thirty components, a fact that may be hard for rivals to compete with. You can read the details about which parts are covered and to which extent in your policy documents. It’s best to make sure you understand your cover before signing the policy.

Their warranty also comes with free roadside assistance, so you can rely on their support during a roadside emergency. The warranty is designed to cover passenger vehicles that are not older than 12 years and have less than 220,000km on the clock.

Genric brings unique motor warranty solutions to market in a challenging time. You can be sure there will be a warranty option that suits your needs and budget.

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