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Motor Warranty

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Motor Warranties & Car Warranty Quotes specialises in sourcing multiple quotes for you to peruse, in order to choose the best motor warranty for your vehicle.

This is a free service that we provide to the public, in order to enable you to make an informed and advantageous decision. There are just two questions that you need to answer – what level of cover do you require and what duration will you need it for?

What motor or car warranty coverincludes and excludes

Firstly, you need to understand that a motor warranty is not insurance and thus, does not cover accidental damage. This policy insures you against mechanical and electrical breakdowns – generally a good plan covers the cost of repairs, towing and emergency assistance and maintenance expenses. If you use your car for other purposes beyond straightforward, private usage, you may need to invest in a specialist policy.

Find the plan best suited to your budget that includes roadside assistance for additional peace of mind.

Duration of motor warranty cover

The policy will only last for a specified time period or number of kilometres – most warranties expire after ten years or 200, 000 km, depending on which limit is reached first. Before signing up for a policy, ensure that your vehicle is eligible; certain older cars that require extensive maintenance are often excluded.

Fill in’s online form to compare competitive motor warranty plans. You will also receivecar warranty and service quotes for new and used cars, trucks and bikes and be informed about affordable cover for engine, gearbox, steering and braking systems.

Companies that offer superb motor warranty products include: 

SA Warranties

Hollard Motor Warranties

Motorite Motor Warranties

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