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Motor Warranty

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How to Get the Best Motor Warranty in South Africa

Finding the best motor warranty for you is easy when you compare your options. We’ve got connections to many of the best Motor Warranty companies. That means you can find options by simply filling in our online form.

What is a Motor Vehicle Warranty?

Insurance companies or car manufacturers issue motor warranties to car owners. The warranty promises that certain car parts will function as they should for a predetermined length of time. This time-period is mentioned in the warranty and is fair.

The warranty covers the cost of fixing or replacing these parts if they fail or break before the warranty period ends. You won’t have to pay anything in. It only applies to factory faults and mechanical breakdowns, not accidents or other forms of damage.

Many car owners choose to purchase extended warranties once the original manufacturer warranty expires. Extended warranties can also act as a supplement to car insurance and cover a mechanical fault while insurance covers the accident it causes. If you’re smart, you could save a lot of money and stress by ensuring every risk related to your vehicle is covered.

Is a Motor Warranty the Same as a Car Insurance Plan?

No. It’s not the same as car insurance, because it only covers specific parts of the car. Car insurance usually includes an excess that you need to pay in. Car insurance covers insured events like accidents, hail damage, and theft. Motor warranties focus on factory faults that lead to mechanical breakdowns.

What Does a Motor Warranty Cover?

It covers certain parts of your vehicle. Common parts that fall under warranty can include your car’s engine, audio system, fuel system, electric components, gearbox, and sensors. A good plan covers the expense of repairing the part, towing the vehicle, and the emergency assistance and maintenance involved, where applicable.

It doesn’t cover wear and tear, and it won’t cover your car or its parts if you cause an accident. Damage due to negligence also won’t be covered. If you’re looking for this kind of cover, you will need car insurance.

Why are They Important?

Motor warranties protect vehicles and their drivers from financial loss, damages, and personal injury due to faulty parts or mechanical failures. They also keep the manufacturer liable for problems arising from faulty parts.

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Now you can make an informed decision thanks to our free quote service. All you need to do is answer two questions to get started. First, what level of cover do you need? Second, for how long do you need it?

Find the plan best suited to your budget that includes all the cover you need. Fill in our online form to compare competitive motor warranty plans. You can also receive car warranty and service quotes for new and used cars, trucks, and bikes and be informed about affordable cover for engine, gearbox, steering, and braking systems.

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