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Motor Warranty

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How to Get the Best Motor Warranty in South Africa

Finding the perfect vehicle warranty insurance tailored to your needs is a breeze with our access to premier companies. We excel in providing car warranty plans, including extended warranties, that match your requirements perfectly. Just fill out our online form to start comparing.

What is a Motor Vehicle Warranty?

Motor warranties, offered by insurance companies or car manufacturers, ensure that certain car parts will operate correctly for a set period. This duration, specified in the warranty, guarantees reliable motor plan warranty coverage, with options for motor extended warranty and extended warranties readily available.

Our mechanical warranty cover for used cars addresses the costs for repairing or replacing parts that fail due to mechanical breakdowns before the warranty expires, at no additional charge to you. Tailored specifically for factory defects and mechanical failures, it does not cover accidents or other types of damage.

Car owners frequently consider extended motor warranty plans once their original manufacturer warranty concludes. These extended warranties, a wise supplement to motor warranty insurance, cover mechanical faults while insurance takes care of accident-related damages, thereby offering comprehensive protection against all potential vehicle risks.


Is a Motor Warranty the Same as a Car Insurance Plan?

Unlike car insurance, motor warranties solely focus on specific car parts, providing mechanical insurance for older cars against breakdowns. While car insurance covers accidents, hail damage, and theft, motor warranties address factory faults causing mechanical issues.

What Does a Motor Warranty Cover?

It covers specific vehicle parts, including essential components like the engine, audio system, and fuel system, as well as the gearbox, sensors, and cooling system. The comprehensive plan also includes clutch, flywheel, wheel bearings, differential, and more, covering repair costs, towing, and emergency assistance for a broad range of parts including the drivetrain, management system, and cooling system components, along with fans, turbo, transmission, ignition, supercharger, and power steering pump, among others. Key components such as actuators, servo, cv joints, master cylinder, propeller shaft, braking system, slave cylinder, pressure plate, wheel cylinders, drive pulleys, gear lever, shafts, electrical parts, cambelt, clutch cable, flex plate, synchromesh, clutch fork, steering mechanism, transfer box, torque convertor, abs control unit, and servo unit are also covered.

Extended warranties do not cover wear and tear or damages resulting from accidents caused by you. Damages due to negligence, overheating, or overfueling are also excluded, directing you towards car insurance for such incidents.


Why are They Important?

Motor warranties safeguard vehicles and their drivers against financial losses, damages, and personal injury from mechanical breakdowns or defective parts. They also uphold the manufacturer’s accountability for defects, offering both aftermarket warranty and car warranty covers, ensuring protection against mechanical insurance and mechanical breakdown.

Get Free Motor Warranties & Car Warranty Quotes

With our complimentary quote service, selecting the right motor warranty plan is straightforward. Just answer two questions: what level of coverage do you need, and how long do you need it for, to meet the qualifying criteria for coverage, including roadside assistance, electrical breakdown, service requirements, and even overnight accommodation.

Discover the car warranty plan that suits your budget and meets all your needs with our online comparison tool. Compare competitive motor warranty plans, including extended options. Get quotes for the best extended car warranty in South Africa, covering new and used vehicles, with options like the Outsurance motor warranty and Outsurance service plan, ensuring affordable protection for your engine, gearbox, steering, and braking systems, starting from your car warranty start date, and even including car hire services, all while considering the governor and strip and quote processes.

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