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Outsurance Car Insurance

Who is Outsurance?

Outsurance is an established insurance company in South Africa. They offer customers insurance options to cover almost every insurable risk, whether personal or commercial. You can get an insurance policy for your car or another type of vehicle at this insurance industry giant.

They have committed to always giving their clients something out through their OUTbonus program. If customers remain claim-free for 3 years, they can get an OUTbonus back. The OUTbonus is an amount of money that equals a percentage of the premiums paid over 3 years, paid back to the claim-free customer.

This direct short-term insurer is the ideal option for a contract of insurance for many South Africans who want the cheapest car insurance premium. Along with the outlook of a possible OUTbonus, policyholders can enjoy savings with lower premiums and affordable car insurance.

Who Underwrites Outsurance?
The holding company of Outsurance is the Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Group.

How Does their Car Insurance Cover Work?

As one of the leaders in the South African insurance industry, Outsurance can offer customers a comprehensive car insurance package with all the bells and whistles. Whether you drive a 4×4, an electric vehicle, or own a boat, you can get covered with them.

To start, get a comprehensive car insurance quote. If you’re happy with the offering, you can sign the policy document with the insurer. In this document, they will set out the details of your agreement of insurance.

You, as the insured, commit to paying a monthly premium, and the insurer commits to covering financial losses when certain insurable events occur. Car insurance policies often come with a standard excess or flat excess. This is an amount you must pay to the insurer when you claim.

Policies also have exclusions to cover, which are uninsurable events or instances where you will not be covered. Say, for example, you cause intentional damage to your own vehicle. Many insurers won’t offer cover in this instance.

What Does Outsurance Car Insurance Cover?

As an Outsurance client, you can choose from 3 different policy options. Based on these, your cover will vary. There is a comprehensive insurance option and an essential insurance option that offers less cover but is also more affordable.

Outsurance Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you buy this Outsurance plan, you get covered for hijacking, theft, flood, accidents, and third-party liability. You’re even covered if someone else intentionally damages your insured vehicle! Along with comprehensive cover, you can add extras to your policy to suit your needs.

Outsurance Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Optional Extras:

Bicycle InsurancePersonal Accident Insurance
Car HireSmartDrive
Credit ShortfallSound Equipment
Exclusive Extras for Women with Lady@OUTWatercraft Insurance
Legal and Medical Assistance4×4 Insurance

Benefits of this Comprehensive Car Insurance Package

This plan includes a best-price guarantee. Outsurance guarantees you’ll get the best price with them, and if they can’t beat your current premium, they’ll give you a few hundred rands in cash! This plan comes with the OUTbonus benefit as well as 24/7 emergency roadside assistance through the Help@OUT benefit.

On this plan, OUTsurance guarantees your premium amount for 12 months even if you claim, and you will get a low flat excess no matter how big or small your claim is. This means your excess is fixed.

You can take your car to one of their approved panel beaters and service providers, and all your repairs on the insured vehicle are guaranteed for 12 months. If you are held liable for damages and losses to a third party involving your insured car, this plan gives you up to R5 million in cover.

If you’ve lost your keys or if they have been stolen or damaged, they are covered, too. Finally, Outsurance also covers medical expenses related to accidents for injured passengers. This includes transport to a hospital nearby.

Outsurance Essential Car Insurance

If you’re unhappy with your current premium, you can get an Outsurance quote for their essential car cover plan. This plan is more affordable but has been created for vehicles older than 5 years and worth less than a predetermined amount.

This plan offers you liability cover if you’re responsible for damage to a third-party’s vehicle. Outsurance will also pay you out if the insured vehicle gets stolen or if you are hijacked. The plan comes with a low standard excess. Finally, if you are in an accident, they pay out the value of the damage to you in cash, although terms and conditions apply.

Because this plan pays out claims in cash, it empowers you to take control of repairs. You will need to pay in the standard excess before they process your claims, but you get to choose who repairs your vehicle and the entire repair process.

Other Benefits

  • You will automatically receive their Help@OUT, a 24-hour emergency roadside assistance service.
  • Enjoy the benefit of your insurance that covers you in countries outside of South Africa. This includes Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Malawi.
  • Enjoy reduced rates on tracking devices.

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