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Vehicle Tracking

Get the best vehicle tracking device for you

Enjoy the benefits of vehicle tracking for commercial vehicles or personal use and you can save on your comprehensive car insurance premiums! Let us help you find the best tracking solution for your needs.

Everything You Need to Know

About Car Tracking

Why Fit a Tracker?

You can use a tracker for personal, commercial, or even military application. Whether you are interested in fleet management solutions or just want to save on your personal car cover, you can enjoy many of these benefits:

  • Recovery Solution. A tracking service is vital for the fast recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Real-Time Asset Location. Get peace of mind because you know the exact location of your vehicle at all times.
  • Theft Prevention. Reduce the risks related to car ownership – trackers are known to reduce the incidence of theft.
  • Emergency Medical Help. Some trackers can identify harsh braking and signal emergency services when an accident occurs. This can save your life.
  • Route Planning. It can help companies determine the most efficient routes for their drivers.
  • Fleet Management. By tracking the current location of their drivers, companies can save on overtime and increase productivity.
  • Fuel Monitoring. Companies can reduce fuel consumption and save on fuel costs, since some trackers include a fuel sensor that tracks fuel levels.
  • Driver Behaviour. They can also identify problematic behaviour to ensure their fleet is exposed to fewer risks related to dangerous driving. Things like speeding, harsh cornering, and other driving patterns can be recorded and used in some fleet tracking systems.
  • Insurance Cost. Insurance companies may reduce your monthly premiums or reward you for installing a vehicle tracker because it lowers your risk of being in an accident, statistically.

What Is a Vehicle Tracking System?

Simply put, it is a system inserted into a vehicle (like your insured car) that tracks its location using GPS technology and other tech such as swept path analysis. There are different kinds of vehicle trackers available in the market today. You can choose from a wide range of devices.

What is GPS?

Global positioning systems use a network of satellites that orbit the Earth to pinpoint the tracked vehicle’s location. Many South Africans consider vehicle tracking an essential form of security for their car, since it can help you locate a stolen car.

What is Swept Path Analysis?

This technology allows users to analyse and predict car, aircraft, or vehicle movement as they are steered. It can often form part of fleet management systems.

Many logistics and transportation companies use real-time tracking to keep an eye on their driver behaviour patterns. With this type of tracking unit, companies can increase driver safety and reduce the number of accidents or other losses and common perils. They can ensure roadside assistance arrives at the exact location needed and even lower their insurance costs.

How Vehicle Tracking Works?

The device picks up satellite signals through a receiver. The receiver is designed to interpret these signals to pinpoint an exact geolocation of where it is in the world. It can also deliver data such as traveling speed and velocity to the tracking server or tracking app.

A GPS-based vehicle tracking system can also interpret the data to show a 3D map of where the car is. If your car gets hijacked or stolen, you can report it immediately to the SAPS and tracking companies. They can then activate the device to send a signal to any nearby tracking units. These vehicle tracking units use real-time tracking systems to recover your car fast.

Does a Tracking Device Reduce Insurance Costs?

Yes, many South African Insurers will reward their insurance policy holders for installing trackers in their insured vehicles. You can save on your insurance premium by using vehicle tracking. This is because risk analysis has proven that trackers can reduce the risk of accidental damage because drivers are in fewer accidents.

Insurance providers also point to the reduction in wear on cars because of more responsible driving, less fuel wasted on speeding and lengthy routes, and lower risks of third-party damage claims. Finally, if stolen, your car could be recovered using the tracker, lowering the need to replace it through your comprehensive car cover.

How Much Are Vehicle Tracking Devices?

Trackers can be affordable or more expensive, depending on the application and its capabilities. If you want an affordable solution, you can choose a tracker with only the most basic functionality for personal use. It can still help you pay less for insurance.

You don’t have to search for the right tracking device or spend time on the phone with tracking companies to get the best option for you. Instead, fill in the form at the top of this page and our system will match you with the ideal tracker for you using the latest technology. It’s obligation free and takes less than a minute. Best of all, they will call you!

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Vehicle Tracking

Get the best vehicle tracking device for you