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Dialdirect understands that home is where the heart is – that is why it is so important to have Dialdirect Home Insurance Cover, or at least compare their insurance quotes, when faced with unexpected and unpleasant situations; particularly for the times when we least expect them to occur.

Our homes are our refuge – a place where we kick off our shoes after a long day at the office – a place where we can relax and call our own – but when our homes are damaged or destroyed, burgled or vandalised these are not only emotionally charged situations, but can add up to thousands in damages that few of us are in a financial position to take care of on our own.

Some questions you need to ask yourself regarding dialdirect Home Insurance:

  • Do you have the ready cash available to replace your assets if you are burgled?
  • If your home is destroyed in a bad hail storm (these are becoming more common), is flooded out or burnt down to the ground, will you be able to restore your home to its former glory under these trying, unfortunate conditions?
  • Will you be in a position to repair an expensive pool pump, the burst geyser plus the extensive damage it caused to the wall, ceilings and carpets or will you be able to replace your roof should this become damaged?

The chances are you answered no to all the above. That is exactly why Dialdirect Home Insurance has come up with a couple of products and plans that will take care of all eventualities should their clients be faced with these and other case scenarios.

dialdirect is able to offer you affordable Home Insurance Cover through their Home Contents Insurance Cover, Buildings Insurance that will take care of the physical bricks and mortar that your home is made of, and your Residential Estate Insurance should you live in a secured estate.

Whatever your individual living arrangements are, and no matter what type of cover you need to ensure that hearth and home are covered – Dialdirect Home Insurance is fully aware that home is where the heart is and determined on guaranteeing that your assets are covered against all eventualities.

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