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Momentum Health Insurance Cover

If you are a student and don’t have a medical aid or a health insurance plan, it could be a matter of great concern. Thankfully, Momentum Health has come up with a solution to the problem; this is, of course, subject to those students with an income of less than R550.00 a month.

Why would you consider taking out Momentum Health for students?

  • You will have eye care benefits.
  • Access to toll-free Health Advice – this is great for all those enquiries about HIV/Aids and pregnancy issues, rape and other questions that you might be too afraid to ask your family doctor, friends or family.
  • For as little as R349.00 a month and no increases as from the beginning of 2015, you can now have affordable medical cover.
  • You get certain specialist and emergency benefits.
  • And best of all you will have unlimited emergency benefits from Netcare 911.

There are numerous exclusive features, too, that are offered by Momentum and its partners that set Momentum Health apart:

  • Momentum’s Mobisite is accessible from various devices such as cell phones and iPads – this is where you will be able to access your membership details, claims, emergency numbers as well as handy directions to your closest medical service provider.
  • You will now be able to have free right of entry to Base Multiply – this means that you can access Momentum’s wellness and rewards programmes that are offering a whole range of insurance discounts as well as all those extra-added benefits. For example, these include a 10% discount on Virgin Active gym membership fees.
  • Free mobile healthcare support through the use of your Free Hello Doctor benefits – all you need to do to have the kind of medical support you deserve is to dial *120*1019# from your mobile and select option “2” to ask for a doctor to call you back – it is as easy as that.
  • Should you die more than 100 km from where you live, there will be free repatriation of your mortal remains – granted not a cheerful thought, but a situation that could prove to be tricky should this happen. Furthermore, because Momentum realises that there are customs and beliefs that various individuals need to have respected, these are all adhered to.
  • Unexpected illnesses or injury incurred during international travel will be covered by Momentum’s International Travel Benefit, although authorisation will be required.

If you are a student and need medical cover, find out how Momentum Health has devised a plan to ensure that this group of individuals are taken care of – after all students are the leaders of tomorrow.

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