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Caravan Insurance

If you’re planning on taking a road trip anytime soon, you’ll need some cover for that caravan of yours. That’s right, it’s not just your car that needs the right kind of cover. Your caravan (and all the precious items inside it) need some TLC too! With King Price’s caravan insurance, you can give it just that: Protect your caravan from mother nature’s mood swings, as well as theft, accidents, and fire damage.

Pay a little. Get a lot

With the king’s caravan insurance you do not only cover your caravan against damage, you also protect yourself from any legal liability you might face if your caravan damages someone else’s property (hey, ‘oopsies’ happen).

The king also gives you the option of protecting the valuables inside your caravan. This added benefit is called caravan contents insurance (not to be confused with home contents insurance). It has to be specified separately on your policy, and an additional premium will apply (really, a small price to pay for some of your most valued possessions).

Caravan contents insurance covers damage caused by:

• Fire
• Explosion
• Malicious damage
• Falling trees (as long as they’re not being felled)
• Acts of nature
• Theft or break-in

Join the kingdom

If you’re all about treating your wallet to affordable cover (and yourself to royal service), the kingdom’s the right place for you and your caravan. Simply cover your car comprehensively with King Price, add caravan insurance and cruise off into the sunset with well-deserved peace of mind.

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