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Put your trailer in the king’s care
So, you’ve got a new, shiny trailer. But before you brave the open roads, you need to make sure your trailer is insured.

Not insured? Have no fear, if your car is comprehensively insured with King Price, their trailer insurance will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your weekend getaway (headache-free).

Reasons to treat your trailer to royal service:

• The king offers affordable trailer cover
• The king covers any kind of trailer (as long as it’ll be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only). ‘Trailer’ refers to anything from a camper trailer, the usual domestic trailer, or even a specially-designed trailer intended to transport bikes and boats.
• The king covers any legal liability you might face if your trailer damages someone else’s property (yep, it happens).

Taking trailer insurance the extra mile

Worried about the valuables in your trailer? The king covers that too! Add ‘trailer contents insurance’ to your trailer cover and protect the things you’re well, trailering.

Remember, if you want to enjoy the cover that comes with ‘contents insurance’, it has to be specified separately on your policy schedule. This also comes with an additional monthly premium (but when it comes to insuring your valuables, it’s worth it)!

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