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The King of Cheap Car Insurance

Unique in the world of Car Insurance, King Price offers you a deal like no other. They are known for Car Insurance premiums that decrease monthly! How is this possible? It’s based on the depreciation of your car’s value.

How King Price Can Offer Premiums That Decrease Monthly

As soon as your car leaves the showroom floor, it loses value. That depreciation continues as your car ages. According to King Price, it’s only fair that your premiums lower as the value of your car lowers. Their premiums that decrease monthly are calculated considering the current value of your vehicle, which will lower month-to-month.

King Price Car Insurance Options

Comprehensive Car Insurance

The King Price Comprehensive Car Insurance plan offers the insured cover for third party claims where the insured has caused damage to a third party’s property or vehicle with their car. Accidental damage, theft, and hi-jacking are also covered under this plan, giving the insured everything they need in a car insurance policy.

Third-Party, Theft & Fire Car Insurance

As with the Comprehensive Plan, this King Price offering gives you cover for third party claims, hi-jacking, theft, and fire. It does not, however, offer cover for accidental damage to your vehicle.

Theft & Write-Off Car Insurance

With the Theft and Write-Off plan, you get cover that protects you financially should your car or get stolen or be hi-jacked, or if it is completely written off. If your car is recovered after being stolen, but it is damaged, that damage is also covered.

Third Party Car Insurance

Considered the most basic of car insurance options, the third-party insurance option covers damage to other people’s car and property for which you are liable because of damages caused by your car.

Benefits of Car Insurance

King Price goes all the way, giving you Car Insurance that covers you as far as you choose. You get affordable plans that can offer cover from as basic as third-party insurance to as broad as their comprehensive plan. They also have optional extras you can choose to include in your policy.

Optional Extra Cover

For a minimal addition to your premium per optional extra, you can enjoy extra cover for car hire, car warranty, credit shortfall, and sound equipment and other accessories! You can choose whether to include these extras, as they offer additional peace of mind.

King Price’s Car Hire Optional Extra covers the cost of renting a car for up to thirty days while your car is being fixed. The repair should be done by one of the King Price suppliers and should be due to a claim. The car rental company may also have terms and conditions or requirements you need to meet.

Cover for a credit shortfall as part of your King Price Car Insurance? It may sound like a luxury, but in context it may be a great help when you really need it. If your car has been written off or stolen and you still owe payments on it, the King Price Credit Shortfall Optional Extra offers you cover for the difference between what your car is worth at the time and how much you still owe on it.

In emergency situations, King Price has their insured parties covered with 24/7 medical, technical, and domestic emergency assistance every day of the year. This emergency cover is included in all their car insurance offers.

The King Price Car Warranty Optional Extra offers people who are insured with them cover for car parts that break and need to be replaced or repaired. Your pocket need not take the knock to get your wheels back on the road with this optional extra.

King Price offers an enticing optional extra for other car accessories, including sound equipment. From mags to music, you can ensure the pizazz you add to your car is replaced should your car be stolen or written off. Those gleaming mags and that booming sound system are covered with this optional extra but remember to inform King Price about each accessory you want extra cover for. Include the value of each item and any additional info they may require.

The Multiple Car Discount Benefit 

The final benefit that King Price offers to sweeten the deal is called their Multiple Car Discount Benefit. Their premiums are already affordable and decrease monthly. On top of this exciting offer, they will discount your premium if you insure two or more cars with them. Your premiums will still decrease monthly, and you can choose the excess that suits your budget. When you increase your excess, your monthly premium will be even lower.

Is there a catch? The King Price Car Insurance plans do not offer cover for taxis or cars used for emergency services like armed response and traffic control. Cars used for law enforcement and towing are also not covered. Any LDV that is registered in South Africa, however, can be covered in a King Price Car Insurance policy.

Enjoy the rewards of premiums that lower with the value of your vehicle when you opt for King Price as your Car Insurance provider. As winners of the Coronium Customer 360 Africa award for the Best customer Experience by an Organisation or Team,, King Price offers you unrivalled customer service.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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