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Did you know you could save on your home insurance premiums? It’s as easy as comparing your options to find a better offer. With our competitive insurance environment, you can find an insurer with more benefits and lower premiums.

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Cheaper house insurance with more benefits? We can help you get it. Here’s how we make the magic happen: 

You fill in our form, and we send your request straight to top South African insurance companies and brokers. Our system allows the insurer most likely suited to your needs and budget to contact you so you can compare your options.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s free. You don’t need to pay any fees to us upfront or later. There is no obligation either. That means even after the insurer has called you, you can say no if you want to. We even save you money on airtime because they call you.

Will Getting Household Insurance Quotes Benefit Me?

Yes. Our stats show that people save an average of 29% on premiums! With so many options out there, choosing the right one can be tricky and time-consuming. But not with us. We do all the hard work, and you get the benefits.

Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

Whether you rent or own, there are financial risks you can cover with homeowner’s insurance. If your house floods, burns down or gets robbed, replacing your valuables and structures can cost huge amounts. If you don’t have that kind of money lying around, you need home insurance. 

It covers natural disasters and common perils, but there are other reasons to get home insurance too. You can get cover for your pool, driveway, and garden shed. Or cover for your bond repayment if you get retrenched! Here are even more more awesome reasons

Types of Home Insurance in South Africa

Although there are many options out there, home insurance comes in two basic types. Homeowners insurance to cover buildings and Household insurance to cover the contents of your home. Sometimes you can get a combined policy with both kinds of cover. Whatever you need, we know there’s an ideal policy out there for you. 

Homeowners Insurance for Buildings

To protect one of the most valuable assets you can own, get homeowners insurance. You won’t need to worry about your home flooding, burning down, or getting robbed. Even if the sky falls, you’ll have cover on some policies that include falling objects. 

This type of insurance can cover:

  • Earthquakes, lightning, floods, fires, and storm, wind, and hail damage 
  • Flooding and burst geysers, pipes, and other broken or failed equipment 
  • Explosions, power surges, and malicious or intentional damage 
  • Break-ins and theft where the actual structure of the home gets damaged 
  • Falling objects and damage caused by things like trees, cars, and airplanes through impact 

Some policies cover the loss of rent when renters must move out due to damage that occurred in an insured event. Others give you insurance for your pets, food that goes off in power cuts, and guests’ belongings. The extent of cover you get will depend on the policy you choose. 

Household Insurance Cover for Home Contents

Where homeowner’s insurance covers the physical building, household insurance for your home contents covers your possessions. When insured events occur, like a fire or break-in, this insurance covers your things. You can replace any valuables you lose or fix any that get damaged in an insured event with money the insurer pays out.

Remember to make an inventory list of everything you’re getting insured. That way, if an insured event occurs, you’ll have enough cover to replace everything. We’ve got more home insurance tips and tricks for you on our blog.

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