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The question you should be asking is WHY use for your home insurance cover?

The answer here is very simple. offers your a comprehensive price comparison by sending your home insurance quotes directly to insurers and insurance brokers. This allows you to get the best bang for your buck along with giving you the ability to choose a product, brand and or service that suits your needs. Best of all it’ free.

Before you sign up for a home insurance quote you need to know what home insurance is. Home insurance is made of two types of insurance generally and often is confusing for the individual. These are: Home owners insurance and Household insurance

Why do I needHome Insurance?

Home owners insurance

Home owners insurance includes cover for permanent fixtures and fittings, physical structure and swimming pools. This is cover for loss or damage by lightning, fire, storm, flood, wind, snow, hail, bursting of geysers and water pipes, theft, power surges, impact, accidental damage, loss of damage occurring during construction or alteration, explosion and earthquake not cause by mining activities, subsidence, heave and landslip.

Household insurance cover

Household insurance relates to movable possessions such as furniture and electrical appliances. This type of insurance covers a range of contingencies, including, but not always limited to, theft, acts of nature (such as lightning, storm, flood or snow) as well as damage caused by fire, power surges and subsidence.

I hope that helps clarify a couple of things. We unfortunately don’t have a hot line or call centre, but should you require a quote, please fill in the above home insurance application form and one of our many brokers and companies will contact you with a quote.

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