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Auto and General Home Contents Insurance

Not to be confused with home insurance, which covers the structure of the home and fixtures, home contents refers to the policy insuring your movable possessions within the home. The Auto & General home contents insurance policy includes furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, curtains, loose carpets, rugs, garden tools and the like. Specialty items of a higher value than the average movable item, must be specified in the policy. For those items that frequently leave the premises of the home, an all risks insurance policy must be taken out. Auto & General refer to this type of policy as “portable possessions.”

Here are some of the items that Home Contents Insurance will cover:

  • food that spoils in your fridge during a power out
  • washing stolen from the line and garden furniture stolen from your garden
  • your guest’s as well as your domestic employee’s belongings that were stolen from your home
  • money stolen from your home
  • personal documents, coins and stamps
  • credit or bank cards
  • hole-in-one/bowling full-house
  • rent to live elsewhere
  • veterinary expenses (if pet is injured in road accident)
  • liability cover for householder, tenants and domestic employees
  • locks and keys damaged during the break in
  • medical expenses for an injury caused by your pet or a defect in your building
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