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Auto & General Life Insurance

Auto & General has designed a couple of life insurance options that will give you and your loved one’s peace of mind for when you are no longer there to offer the kind of financial support that your dependents have become accustomed to.

Take care of the financial future of your nearest and dearest and focus on the importance of giving them the peace of mind over their financial future.

Auto & General life insurance is underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited – an authorised financial service provider.

Products by Auto & General Life present the Pure Life Options by 1Life, and include a couple of options:

  • Basic and Elevated plans.
  • Both the Basic and Elevated options will pay out from between R50 000 and R200 000 life cover to the beneficiaries that you have selected for when you pass on, all depending on the cover options.
  • A pay-out of R25 000 within 48 hours can be expected once a claim has been submitted, which will cover the costs of all those unexpected expenses one encounters when someone passes away.
  • Both the Basic and Elevated plans offer a terminal benefit; this means that if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and are only expected to live for a year, you will be paid out.
  • Premiums are fixed with no hikes for two years, and natural death is covered only after two years.
  • During the policy’s active term your cover amount will never decrease and will cover you for your entire life.
  • Accidental death will be covered right away, and death by suicide is paid out to the insured after two years (take note that there are many life cover insurance service providers that don’t cover suicide).

Other products available from Auto & General Life Cover include:

Dread Disease Cover:

    • Dread Disease cover will pay out a % of your cover amount – this could be anything between R50 000 to R4 million should you be diagnosed with a dread disease. Dread disease could include cancer or even an organ transplant.
    • Should the entire dread disease benefit be paid out, your other cover amounts for Pure Life and Disablement benefits will not be affected.
    • You will be covered for your entire life.


  • Dread Disease cover includes a Guaranteed Assurability option; this means that you can increase your cover amount with limited underwriting or on your third policy anniversary if your lifestyle changes (should you buy a home, have a baby, get divorced, get married etc).



  • Expo-Sure is also available under the Basic and Elevated packages.
  • Expo-Sure is a treatment and confidential management offered for accidental exposure when exposed to HIV.

The Expo-Sure plan will cover you for:

  • Blood tests.
  • Medical consultations.
  • Suitable treatment, all depending on HIV status.
  • Support within the critical 72-hour window period after accidental exposure to a potential infection.
  • There are other additional benefits for counselling and security improvements.

All Auto & General Life insurance policies are underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited – an authorised financial services provider, to bring world-class insurance cover presenting a wide range of plans and options to all South Africans at affordable prices.

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