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How to Submit Auto & General Claims

Submitting Auto & General claims is an easy process. If you own an A&G insurance policy and need to claim for an insured peril in South Africa, you can follow the below process.

Auto and General is an established insurer in South Africa, offering people from all walks of life short-term insurance cover. They also offer life insurance policies underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited. If you own a policy with this short-term insurer, chances are there will be a point in the future when you want to claim.

Below we discuss the insurance claims process at Auto & General insurance company and how to get the best results. Having comprehensive insurance isn’t enough to ensure your claim will be paid out. There are steps you can take to make sure your claim isn’t rejected and doesn’t take too long.

How Do Insurance Claims Work?

Whether you have portable possessions cover or business insurance, most short-term insurance claims share elements in common. First, an insured event occurs, such as a personal accident, hailstorm, or robbery. Next, you contact the insurance company – in this case Auto and General – to institute the claim.

Sometimes, you may speak to an insurance agent on the phone who may ask for specific information. When the insurer has all the information they need, they will process your claim on their side. The claim needs to comply with regulations and be contractually viable to be approved.

Once your claim has been approved, Auto & General will pay out the sum as detailed in your policy. Sometimes, when you make an auto insurance claim, the claim amount covers repair expenses and is paid to the repairs service provider who is fixing your car. At other times, the amount could be paid directly into your account to use for repairs or replacements.

How Do I Claim from A&G?

To claim, you can the Auto & General online insurance claim portal or give them a call. You can also kick-start the claims process by logging in to the A&G website portal.

Your claim process may vary depending on the type of claim and type of policy you have. When you want to cover the costs for property damage due to a storm, for example, Auto & General may request that an independent assessor come to your home to assess the damage.

Sometimes, when your phone has been stolen or damaged, Auto and General may require proof of the damage and a quote for replacing or repairing the device. To ensure you have everything you need to make a claim, it’s best to speak to one of their representatives on the phone.

How long after the date of service can a claim be made for medical bills?
As a standard, claims should be made within 30 days of the insured event. The sooner you start the claim process after the event, the better. It is important to let the insurer know about the event that occurred as soon as possible. You should also file a report with the SAPS within 48 hours.

Auto and General Claims Procedure

How Long Does Auto & General Take to Process a Claim?

Are Insurance Claims Taxable?

Why Insurance Claims Are Rejected?

Did you know some things can cause your claim to get rejected? If you want to make sure your A&G claims are not rejected, it is important to know why insurance claims are rejected. Here are a few reasons Auto & General give for claims being rejected by them:

  1. The policyholder does not notify Auto and General with a claim within 30 days or provide them with the requested documentation in time.
  2. The claimant has not opened a case or filed a report with the SAPS within 2 days of a relevant theft, loss, damage, or accident incident.
  3. The insured has not paid their premium each month.
  4. There is evidence that the insured did not take adequate precautions or care to help prevent the insured event.
  5. The insured did not give us all the information about what happened or was dishonest in their retelling of the incident.
  6. For car claims, the insured did not specify the correct driver as the driver who uses the car most or notify us that this changed.
  7. The policyholder did not have their car inspected within the given timeframe.
  8. The insured didn’t disclose their full insurance claims history or was dishonest about their claims history.
  9. For car insurance claims, the vehicle was being used in a capacity it is not insured for. For example, a car covered for personal use was being used for business purposes when the insured event occurred.
  10. The person driving the car wasn’t noted on the policy or is not allowed to drive the car.
  11. The details about where the car is parked during the day and night were incorrect or dishonest.
  12. The vehicle doesn’t have a tracking device fitted, or other anti-theft requirements in the policy were not met.
  13. The insured cannot produce proof of purchase of the damaged insured item or vehicle.
  14. The alarm was not activated or working properly.
  15. The replacement value of insured items was not updated, leading to a payout of less than you needed.
  16. Buildings or outbuildings aren’t approved according to building regulations.
  17. Adequate maintenance wasn’t done to your building, such as repairing roof tiles and sealing gutters.

How to Check Insurance Claims?

You can check on your insurance claim by contacting your insurer with the reference number or case number for your claim. When you submit the claim, they should give you this number as a reference point. You can email or call Auto & General in South Africa to check on the progress of your claim.

Can Insurance Claims Expire?

Yes, in the sense that the claim must be made within 30 days after the event for certain types of events. In some countries, this expiry period is much longer, but in South Africa most insurers require that you make theft, damage, and car accident claims within a month or two of the insured event.

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