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Auto & General has become a household name, confirming its foothold as a challenging forerunner in the short-term insurance world in South Africa.

Furthermore, Auto & General Claims boast an excellent turnaround time period through an easy and user-friendly telephonic and online method of claiming.

The best part of all is that with Auto & General you will be able to enjoy instant telephonic quoting, cash back bonuses, easy to understand wording on your policy in English, advanced Auto & General Claims processing technology and an efficient call centre experience. is their website and is very interactive, especially for claiming.

Auto & General are committed to offering excellent service whilst retaining some of the core values that have placed them as one of the leaders in the South African world of insurance.

Of particular interest is that there is a burgeoning SME market in South Africa where numerous individuals are starting up on their own and not entering into the formal job market or work environment; instead they are starting up their own businesses.

Because of this growing SME market, this was one of the major factors that provoked Auto & General to introduce a Business Insurance Product.

It is therefore obvious that there is great confidence in meeting the needs of this untapped market.

Some of the Milestones of Auto & General include:

The group was founded on June the 1st, 1985.

Auto & General was part of the Telesure Investment Holding Group. Unsurprisingly Auto & General has been a major player in the world of short-term insurance in SA, making huge strides in growth over the past couple of decades.

With an annual compound growth rate of over 50% pa in twelve of the fifteen years, it should be the obvious go-to choice when selecting affordable short-term insurance cover for your home, car or business.

Auto & General have established a similar footprint internationally in both the UK and Australia.

In a competitive insurance world and tight economy, Auto & General have evolved into a price-sensitive insurance service provider where affordable insurance is easily accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

Auto & General Claims have a reputation for being easy and fuss-free – if you are looking for affordable, user-friendly insurance, this should be the obvious choice of cover.

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