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Santam House Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance protects the belongings you value inside your home should disaster strike. With Santam’s home contents insurance policies, you can get the cover you need for peace of mind. Known as South Africa’s largest short-term insurance provider, Santam is the insurer of choice for millions of South Africans. Their commitment to the clients is to look for reasons to pay out claims instead of looking for reasons not to.

According to Santam, at least 30% of South African homes are underinsured. It’s easy to undervalue the contents of your home and end up with too little cover. Santam therefore offers an online risk assessment tool that can help you calculate the true value of your possessions. Using this tool, you can find out how much your stuff is really worth, meaning you won’t be paying too much for cover you don’t need.

Santam Home Contents Insurance

When you take out a policy with Santam, you get unique benefits and the ability to customise your cover thanks to flexible excess structures. Santam’s size means the scope of your cover can be vast and they have the ability to deliver on their promises.

Santam’s house contents insurance plan is comprehensive and comes with all the cover expected and a bunch of extras. For some of the things covered, you may need to pay in an amount. It could be a percentage of the amount claimed or it could be a fixed amount. Santam offers comprehensive home contents insurance and another insurance package designed for B&B owners.

Remember to list all items in your home and to ensure Santam has this inventory to make sure you have the cover you need. A thorough and detailed home contents inventory along with paperwork like invoices and certificates can make claiming easier. Update this list as often as you need to every year.

Benefits of Santam Home Contents Insurance

Should mirrors or certain kinds of glass in your house break due to accidental damage, Santam’s home insurance plan can cover this cost. The insured can also get cover for a rental amount for alternative accommodation if their house has been damaged and cannot be lived in. Fire extinguisher charges are covered so that Santam can help you reduce or prevent damage to your property.

Further costs that are covered by the plan are fire brigade charges, contents on the premises of your private residence, loss or damage to money (excluding theft). There is limited cover for theft from a vehicle and rubble removal, death, trauma, and medical expenses.

Santam Home Contents Insurance with Limited B&B Cover

Homeowners who run a B&B need some additional cover for risks unique to the bed-and-breakfast industry. Santam’s Home Contents Insurance with Limited B&B Cover offers policyholders such cover. When your insurance covers all the necessary risks, guests can feel more at peace. In the event that disaster strikes, you can also remove the burden of liability for losses from guests and make the best of a tough situation where applicable.

The Santam Home Contents Insurance for B&B owners can cover the insured for the same above things and a few extras. Santam’s home contents insurance with limited B&B cover can give you limited cover for the personal effects of paying guests and trauma compensation for said guests if needed. This policy includes limited cover for the medical expenses of paying guests and cleaning or dry cleaning of personal or paying guests’ personal belongings. You can also get limited cover for signage, banners, and canopies that have been damaged in an insured event.

Bring peace of mind to your home and ensure you can replace any valuables you may lose to unforeseen insured events. Home contents insurance mitigates the risks so you can have peace of mind. Whether you need insurance for the belongings within a rental, a house you own, or a B&B, you can get adequate cover with a home insurance policy.


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