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Old Mutual Home Insurance

Old Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products to cater to your requirements. Let’s look at what they cover and how they can benefit you.

Who is Old Mutual?

Old Mutual Life Assurance Company is a licensed financial services provider that offers financial advice, wealth services, and insurance to individuals and companies in South Africa. Founded in 1845, Old Mutual is South Africa’s first mutual life assurance society. The company’s primary goal is to assist South Africans in leading fulfilling lives by helping them thrive financially and achieve their lifetime financial goals. They also invest their funds in ways that contribute to a positive future for the country while supporting charitable initiatives in communities and families.

While Old Mutual originated in South Africa, they have expanded their presence to fourteen African countries. Their commitment to the well-being of their clients and society makes them a wise choice for insurance. Old Mutual provides a diverse range of insurance products to help you grow and secure your wealth.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Old Mutual’s Allsure home insurance is an affordable and reliable option for safeguarding your home and its contents. With an Old Mutual policy, you can select coverage that suits your specific needs, ensuring protection against losses and damages resulting from unforeseen events. Their coverage extends to your home, its contents, and outbuildings.

Each policy outlines insured events, including theft, fire, natural disasters, and more. Before finalising your insurance, it’s essential to review the policy to understand what is covered and any exclusions.

What Home Cover Products Are Available?

Old Mutual iWyze offers a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers both your home’s contents and its buildings. You also have the option to combine your car and home insurance into a single policy. Old Mutual’s home cover plan, known as “allsure,” simplifies home insurance by combining two types of coverage into one policy.

You can choose between full cover, which protects your home’s items from theft and liability, and limited cover, which excludes burglary and liabilities. Both options cover natural disasters listed in the policy and other common risks.

Old Mutual Allsure Homeowners Policy Cover

Old Mutual’s Allsure Homeowners Policy Cover is a comprehensive and reliable insurance solution designed to protect your home and its contents. This policy offers peace of mind by covering a wide range of risks, from theft to natural disasters, ensuring that your most valuable assets are safeguarded. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this homeowner’s insurance policy.

  • Buildings Insurance: This provides comprehensive coverage for accidental loss to the structure of your home, protecting against fire, lightning, and explosions. It also covers damage and loss due to natural disasters.
  • Plumbing and Water-Related Incidents: The policy covers burst, overflowing, or leaking pipes and other water-related incidents.
  • Forced Entry or Exit Damage: It provides coverage for damage caused during a robbery or an attempted robbery, including forced or violent entry or exit.
  • Other Incidents: The policy includes coverage for damage caused by vehicles, falling trees (or parts of trees), planes, articles falling from above, and impacts by animals. For an additional fee, you can opt for accidental damage coverage, including power surges.
  • Additional Benefits: Old Mutual’s policy includes 24/7 emergency services throughout the year. It also covers wendy houses and offers coverage for household contents in outbuildings, up to R5,000 for permanent structures.
  • Household Contents Cover: This policy includes coverage for theft and attempted theft resulting in damage to your household contents due to forced or violent entry or exit from your premises. It also covers household contents damaged by lightning, fire, and explosions.
  • Natural Disasters: Coverage extends to damage caused by natural disasters such as storms, wind, flood, hail, snow, and earthquakes, as well as losses or damage due to water systems.
  • Property Belonging to Guests and Domestic Employees: The policy provides coverage for property belonging to guests and domestic employees.
  • Additional Benefits: Householder’s liability cover is available, protecting you against litigation for incidents that occur on your property and involve a third party.
  • Home Emergency Services (Added Benefits): Policyholders can access Home Emergency Services 24/7, offering services such as locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, and more. Emergency services, including ambulance and fire brigade, are also covered.

Old Mutual Home Insurance offers South Africans affordable, reliable home and household contents insurance, along with financial advice and investment assistance.

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