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Old Mutual

Old Mutual Funeral Policies offer you and your family members state-of-the-art cover – there is no excuse, therefore, not to have sufficient cover for a dignified funeral.

Old Mutual Home Insurance

Old Mutual iWyze Home Insurance cover offers an affordable and reliable home insurance option for your home and contents, cover that ensures you are protected against any unexpected eventualities.


  • Old Mutual iWyze Homeowner’s insurance (Home & Buildings insurance)
  • Old Mutual iWyze Household Contents insurance

Old Mutual iWyze Homeowners Insurance

  • Enjoy comprehensive cover against accidental loss to the bricks and mortar of your home
  • This option includes protection against fire, lightning, and explosions
  • Receive cover for damage and loss due to natural disasters
  • Cover against burst, overflowing, or leaking pipes and other water-related incidents
  • Get cover for forced or violent entry or exit damage caused during a robbery or an attempted robbery
  • Damage that has been caused by vehicles, falling trees (or parts of trees), planes or articles from above as well as any impact by animals is insured
  • An optional extra for an extra fee is accidental damage (including power surges) cover
  • This plan covers damage caused by collapsed fixed aerials, satellite dishes, and masts.
  • Includes cover for the repair or replacement of keys, locks, and remote controls
  • Emergency services of up to R2,000 (or two incidents a year) are available to you 24/7 all year round for the duration of your home insurance cover policy


  • Wendy houses are covered by your Old Mutual iWyze Homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Up to R5,000 is covered for any household contents in outbuildings (if they are permanent structures)

Old Mutual iWyze Household Contents Insurance

  • Theft or attempted theft resulting in damage to your household contents as a direct result of forcible or violent entry or exit from your premises will be covered
  • Old Mutual iWyze Household Contents insurance covers household contents that have been damaged by lightning, fire, and explosions
  • Damages due to natural disasters like storms, wind, flood, hail, snow, and earthquakes is insured
  • Cover for losses or damage because of water systems
  • Cover for property belonging to guests and even domestic employees


  • A range of householder’s liability cover is available to protect you against litigation for something that has happened on your property to a third party

Home Emergency Services (Added Benefits)

  • Old Mutual iWyze Home insurance policyholders enjoy Home Emergency Services as part of their package
  • This is available 24/7 all year round while you are insured
  • These services are available up to a cost of R2,000 per annum, or two incidents a year
  • Emergency services include
    • Locksmiths
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Glaciers
    • Tree Fellers
    • Emergencies such as ambulance, fire brigade, and other emergency services are also covered

Old Mutual iWyze Home insurance offers South Africans affordable, reliable home and household contents insurance you can trust.

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