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Old Mutual

Old Mutual Funeral Policies offer you and your family members state-of-the-art cover – there is no excuse, therefore, not to have sufficient cover for a dignified funeral.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Did you know that for as little as R29 a month you can get funeral cover from Old Mutual?

You might ask yourself why you should go the Old Mutual route and not choose another service provider for your funeral cover.

The answer is simple, really. Old Mutual is a stalwart in the insurance industry; furthermore there is a wide range of funeral products and cover to cater for individuals that have diverse needs.

You can either be covered on your own, or you can have your partner, children and/or extended family included in one of the many plans on offer.

Old Mutual Funeral Insurance has something for everyone, regardless of age or cost.

Because funerals can cost anything from R7 000 right up to R30 000 and more, it is important not to burden your family further during their time of grief and mourning with extra financial issues.

Did you know that payment can be as fast as within 48 hours of the death of the insured, which often comes as a relief for those left behind.

There are no excuses not to have funeral cover – for as little as R29 a month (even cheaper than a Wimpy Burger and chips), you can now get protection.

Furthermore, there are no medical tests – only a couple of questions asked that you need to answer 100% truthfully.

And you will need to be a permanent South African resident to qualify for your Old Mutual Funeral Insurance cover.

Listed here are five commonly asked questions regarding funeral plans:

  • Will there be a waiting period before my funeral policy kicks in? Usually when there are no medical tests conducted, there will be a waiting period for death through natural causes.
  • Who should I select to be my beneficiary? It is best to select a trustworthy family member, your next of kin or someone that you trust such as your accountant or attorney. If the money is paid out it is best to select someone who will commit to pay for the funeral and not use the money for anything else.
  • Can a funeral policy be cancelled? If the policy sold to you does not fulfil their promises, then you have every right to cancel it, but preferably within a thirty day window.
  • How do I claim? Always read the fine print of any legal or insurance document carefully. Understanding the terms and conditions of the policy as these have to be complied with for a claim to take place.
  • How many of my family members will be covered by my funeral insurance cover? It all depends on your service provider and what product you take out.

Fraudulent claims are on the rise – your insurance provider will expect you to answer all medical questions honestly otherwise your funeral insurance claim could be refuted.

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