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Old Mutual Insurance

Are you looking for insurance that caters to your unique needs and provides peace of mind? We may have the solution, keep reading…

Discovering Your Insurance Options with Old Mutual

Are you looking for insurance that caters to your unique needs and provides peace of mind? Old Mutual, a renowned financial services provider, has been serving customers since its establishment in Cape Town in 1845. 

Why Choose Old Mutual Life Insurance?

Your income is a vital asset that supports you, your family, and dependents. What would happen if you were no longer there to provide for them? Old Mutual Life Insurance ensures that your loved ones are taken care of in your absence. The importance of financial stability in your absence cannot be stressed enough. Additionally, you can enhance your coverage by adding Old Mutual Disability and Critical Cover. This protects your income in case of disability, illness, or job loss. And all in exchange for a simple monthly premium.

How Does Old Mutual Funeral Cover Provide Peace of Mind?

Old Mutual Funeral Cover offers the assurance of covering funeral expenses for the insured and their family, easing the financial burden during difficult times.

What Personal Insurance Products Does Old Mutual Offer?

Old Mutual Insure’s personal insurance range is known as Allsure. It provides coverage for unexpected events affecting your home. This includes household contents, personal computers, vehicles, watercraft, and other valuables. It also includes various products:

  • Homeowners: Protecting your home’s structure.
  • Household Contents: Safeguarding your possessions inside your home.
  • Car Insurance: Coverage for your car, motorcycle, trailer, and caravan.
  • Watercraft Insurance: Covering jet-skis, boats, and inflatable craft.
  • All Risks: Protection for items taken away from home.
  • Personal Liability: Covering claims made against you by third parties.
  • Extended Personal Liability: Providing additional protection against third-party claims.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Offering coverage for accidental death and disability.
  • Personal Computer Insurance: Safeguarding tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and notebooks.
  • Legal Costs: Assisting with legal services when needed.
  • Bereavement Expenses: Providing support during family member’s passing.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown: Covering repair costs.
  • Hospital Cash Plan: Offering daily benefits during hospital stays.
  • Premium Waiver for Retrenchment: Ensuring financial support during job loss.
  • Identity Theft Coverage: Protecting against identity theft.
  • Home Employers’ Labour Dispute Insurance: Covering unfair labor practice costs.

What Does Motorsure Cover?

Motorsure is a standalone motor-only insurance policy from Old Mutual Insure. It safeguards your car, 4×4, and more against damages, losses, and theft. It covers various vehicle types, including private vehicles, goods vehicles, 4×4 vehicles, and 4×2 vehicles, with a Fast Track claims process for immediate authorisation under specific circumstances.

How Does Travelsure Enhance Your Travel Experience?

Travelsure covers medical expenses while traveling, trip cancellation charges, and lost luggage, ensuring a worry-free journey.

What Business Insurance Solutions Does Old Mutual Provide?

Old Mutual Insure understands that businesses, regardless of size, face risks. They offer comprehensive solutions to manage risks effectively:

  • Multisure: Provides comprehensive business insurance for SMEs, covering plant, equipment, and office contents.
  • Engineering: Offers insurance for machinery breakdowns and more, with expert advice and appraisal services available.
  • Marine: Covers hull, cargo, containers, pleasure watercraft, and more, with specialized support for informed decisions.
  • Travelsure Corporate: A package deal for covering employees’ business travel needs, including unforeseen costs.

Why Choose Old Mutual Agriculture Insurance?

For over a century, Old Mutual Insure Agri has been a trusted partner, protecting agricultural assets and liability risks, contributing to the agriculture industry, and benefiting communities and the economy. They offer three key products:

  • Agriplus: Covers homeowners, buildings, farming machinery, pedigreed stock, and liability risks.
  • Agriwine: Tailored for the wine industry, providing coverage for buildings, accidental damage, transit risks, and more.
  • Agricrop: Protects against hail, fire, and other agricultural risks.

Old Mutual Insure is the leading financial services provider in Southern Africa, offering financial solutions across multiple segments and geographies, including emerging markets in Africa. Their commitment to helping customers achieve their financial goals and ensuring a sustainable future reflects in their diverse range of insurance products.


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