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Old Mutual Insurance

The Old Mutual Group was established in Cape Town in 1845 as South Africa’s first mutual life insurance company, offering financial security in uncertain times. Old Mutual’s main purpose is to help their customers thrive financially by enabling them to achieve lifetime financial goals while investing their funds in ways that will create a positive future for them, their families, their communities and society. In this way Old Mutual contributes to improving the lives of their customers and their communities while ensuring a sustainable future for Old Mutual, operating in fourteen countries across two regions.

Old Mutual Products

  • Old Mutual Life Insurance
  • Old Mutual Funeral Cover
  • Old Mutual Personal Insurance
  • Old Mutual Business Insurance
  • Od Mutual Agriculture Insurance

Old Mutual Life Insurance

Protect your most important asset – your income. With it, you can provide for yourself, your family, and any dependants. Consider what would happen if you were no longer here to provide for them. With Old Mutual Life Insurance, you can take care of your loved ones when you are no longer able to do so in person.

Add Old Mutual Disability and Critical Cover to your Old Mutual Life Cover to maintain your independence and the ability to earn an income and continue to take care of your dependents if you become disabled, fall ill, or lose your job.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Old Mutual Funeral Cover offers you and your family peace of mind by taking care of funeral expenses for the insured.

Old Mutual Personal Insurance Products

  • Allsure
  • Motorsure
  • Travelsure


Old Mutual’s Allsure Insurance Range offers personal insurance that caters for unexpected events that affect your home structure, household contents, personal computers, vehicles, caravans and trailers, watercraft, and other valuables.

Old Mutual Allsure Products

  • Homeowners – protecting the bricks and mortar of your home
  • Household Contents – the contents inside your home
  • Car Insurance – cover for your car, motorcycle, trailer and caravan
  • Watercraft Insurance – cover for your jet-ski, boat, and inflatable craft
  • All Risks – for items that are taken away from the home, and items that have been specified
  • Personal Liability
  • Extended Personal Liability – for claims made against you by third parties
  • Personal Accident Cover – for accidental death and permanent or temporary disablement
  • Personal Computer Insurance – cover for your tablet, desktop computer, notebook, or laptop
  • Legal Costs – should you require legal services
  • Bereavement Expenses – to assist you when a family member passes away
  • Cover for Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown
  • Hospital Cash Plan – benefits for each day you spend in hospital
  • Premium Waiver for Retrenchment – up to six months payout if you lose your job
  • Cover for Identity Theft
  • Home Employers’ Labour Dispute Insurance to cover costs from alleged unfair labour practices


Motorsure is a stand-alone motor-only insurance policy that will protect your car, 4×4 and more against damages, losses, and theft. Motorsure covers your private vehicles, goods vehicles, 4×4 vehicles, and your 4×2 vehicles. Under certain circumstances, the Fast Track claims process offers immediate authorisation for claims.


Travelsure covers your medical expenses when travelling, trip cancellation charges or lost luggage.

Old Mutual Business Insurance Products

Old Mutual understands that businesses are not without risk, whether large or small. The key to managing a successful business is to insure against all risks in your field with a risk management solution that meets your business’ insurance needs. Old Mutual Business has insurance solutions to suit all types of businesses.

  • Multisure
  • Engineering
  • Marine
  • Travelsure Corporate


Multisure offers insurance for plant, equipment, and office contents. Multisure is comprehensive business insurance for SMEs that provides a flexible solution for all businesses’ insurance needs with competitive pricing.


Old Mutual offers Engineering Insurance to cover machinery breakdown and more. Old Mutual’s experienced underwriting team is supported by a qualified engineer who is readily available to advise on and appraise all risks, prevention, losses, and maintenance matters.


Old Mutual’s Marine Insurance covers hull, cargo, containers, pleasure watercraft, and more. A specialised team of experts will provide the necessary information needed to make informed decisions regarding the type of cover required and are available to assist with technical and control matters.

Travelsure Corporate

Travelsure Corporate is the perfect package deal to cover employees’ business travel needs by covering unforeseen costs.

Old Mutual Agriculture Insurance

For more than 100 years, Old Mutual Insure Agri has been doing great things by protecting agricultural assets and liability risks, adding value to the agriculture industry, and contributing to communities and the economy in general.


Agriplus offers insurance cover for homeowners, buildings, farming machinery and equipment, pedigreed stock and animals, and liability risks, to name a few. All agricultural and personal insurance risks are conveniently covered under one insurance product.


Agriwine is insurance for buildings, accidental damage, transit risks, and more. Agriwine is flexible insurance cover that caters specifically to the wine industry.


Old Mutual’s Agricrop will cover you for hail, fire, and more.

Old Mutual is the largest and most trusted financial services provider in Southern Africa, offering financial solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, corporates and institutions across several market segments and geographies in Southern Africa, the continent of Africa, and other emerging markets.

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