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Old Mutual Car Insurance

Old Mutual iWyze car insurance will keep your wheels covered with affordable, flexible premiums tailored to your individual needs. You can also enjoy a cash-back bonus and great benefits.

Old Mutual iWyze Car Insurance Products

  • Third Party Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

Old Mutual iWyze Third Party Car Insurance

  • Old Mutual iWyze Third Party Cover offers liabilities for third parties

Old Mutual iWyze Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • Cover is provided for third-party liabilities; should a claim be made against you and you are held legally liable for damages to another vehicle or if the other party was injured, they will be paid out by your Old Mutual iWyze comprehensive car insurance plan
  • If your vehicle is hijacked, or there was an attempt to steal your car, damages will be covered
  • This option covers theft or the attempted theft of your motor vehicle
  • You will be  covered for loss or damages to your vehicle
  • Includes cover against damage or loss of your vehicle as a result of road accidents
  • Covers eventualities as a direct result of natural disasters


  • Road Emergency Services cover is included in your policy and available 24/7 all year
  • There is also a car hire option at an additional premium cost
  • Credit shortfall cover is also available at an additional cost

Old Mutual iWyze Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance

  • Old Mutual’s iWyze Third-Party & Theft insurance is an affordable option for those within financial constraints, or who drive an older vehicle
  • Enjoy cover against theft, hijacking, or attempted theft and hijacking of your vehicle
  • This option includes cover for the damage or loss of your vehicle because of explosion, lightning, or fire
  • Cover is provided for third-party claims against you if you are held legally responsible for damages to another vehicle or injuries have been sustained to another. If another person’s property has been damaged, you will also be covered

Built-in Benefits Offered by Old Mutual iWyze Car insurance

  • Your Old Mutual iWyze Car Insurance cover goes beyond just your vehicle to include yourself and your cargo, providing additional protection against unforeseen road emergencies
  • Cover for emergency medical expenses, should any passenger in your vehicle be injured as the result of an accident
  • Trauma counselling if you or a member of your family is the victim of a hijacking, armed robbery, or violent or attempted theft
  • Vehicle keys, locks, and remotes compensation in the case of loss or damage
  • Emergency accommodation expenses for you and one passenger for up to two days, should you have a car accident more than 250 km away from home
  • Road and Home Emergency Services cover, available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and  included with your iWyze car or home insurance policy

Optional Offers

Apart from built-in benefits, you can opt for value-added benefits to get even more mileage for your money.

  • Cash Back Bonus – receive 10% of your premiums back in cash after every 3 claim-free years.
  • Bundle and save – your vehicle premium is linked to the number of vehicles on cover, which means the more vehicles you insure with iWyze, the lower your premium per vehicle becomes. You can even bundle your car and home

Old Mutual iWyze knows that variables like budget constraints, limited vehicle usage, and the age or value of your vehicle influence your choice of car insurance option. If you choose a cheaper car insurance option that doesn’t offer cover as comprehensive as iWyze, you could be held responsible for pricey repairs to someone else’s vehicle after an accident, not to mention the cost of your own car’s repairs or replacement. Old Mutual iWyze Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most complete protection you can have. Be insurance wise and give yourself the added financial support you need with comprehensive car insurance cover from iWyze.

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