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MiWay Insurance for Vehicles

If you like things your way, MiWay Insurance has the right cover for your car. It’s affordable, customisable, and easy. As one of South Africa’s favourite insurers, they can cover your car for less.

What is MiWay Car Insurance?

Although this top insurance company offers a wide range of personal and business insurance products, they are most well known for their quality car insurance offering. Along with excellent service, Mi Way Insurance customers can expect savings on their insurance premiums, easy claims processes, and cover customised to their needs. If this sounds great, you can read on about everything MiWay Car Cover has to offer you.

What Makes MiWay Car Insurance Different?

MiWay lets you choose whether you want to insure your car for its retail value, market value, trade value, or even a special agreed value! They also offer four levels of cover instead of the typical 3, with an added level called “Total Loss”. It covers you for the total loss of your vehicle due to theft, hijacking, and write-offs and even includes limited third-party liability cover.

What’s more, MiWay guarantees fixed premiums for three years. While insurers increase their insurance premiums each year in order to keep up with the cost of inflation, fixed premiums offered by MiWay eliminate this hassle.

How MyDriveStyle Helps You Save on Car Insurance

While many car insurers base their premiums on demographics, MiWay Car Insurance enables you to lower your premiums by monitoring your driving style with the MyDriveStyle product. They placed this device on your vehicle, which then monitors the kilometres that you spend on the road, your driving speed, as well as braking and accelerating behaviour. This provides a method with which they can measure the level of risk that you pose on the road.

What Does MiWay Car Insurance Cover?

MiWay Car Insurance offers products to suit the individual needs of motorists and insurance products that will cover all types of vehicles and budgets. There is seldom a “one-size-fits-all” case scenario when it comes to car insurance cover.

This reputable insurance provider offers its clients the option of insuring their car for either private, professional, or business use. This has allowed them to provide a range of cover that suits your needs. Choose from MiWay’s range of comprehensive car insurance, third-party-only insurance, third -party fire and theft insurance, and total loss cover. They have a variety of affordable products that will suit your pocket.

What Are the Benefits of MiWay’s Car Insurance?

  • MiWay’s comprehensive car insurance policy covers loss due to fire, explosion, and natural disasters. This includes any hail and flood damage that your vehicle experiences
  • Free roadside assistance and emergency assistance available 24 hours a day
  • Whether or not you claim, you can still earn rewards
  • MiWay claims processes are easy and uncomplicated
  • You can submit claims through the MiWay App or online portal
  • Affordable MiWay car insurance premiums
  • You can manage your own insurance policy online
  • You can get an awesome customer experience with their reputable customer service agents

Get a MiWay Car Insurance Quote

The only feasible way to get an accurate quote for car insurance cover is by shopping around and comparing quotes from a multitude car insurance service providers. In other words, it is imperative that you compare apples with apples and not apples with pears.

MiWay Car Insurance Reviews

How good is MiWay really? Their reviews on Hellopeter show that customers consider them one of the top insurers in South Africa, with a trust index rating of 10 out of 10! They also boast an average star rating of 4.57 out of 5, an impressive score! Before you sign up with this insurer, make sure their cover will suit your needs and budget.

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