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MiWay Home Insurance

A licensed short-term insurance provider, MiWay offers customers various insurance plans. With MiWay you can get cover for your motor, home, and business. Santam, the major shareholder in MiWay, has long standing credibility and broad interests that enable MiWay to offer quality cover to its customers.

The concepts of individuality, independence, and convenience guide MiWay’s operations and services. MiWay allows you to buy your insurance premium online without the need to speak to an agent or representative. Similarly, your account details can be updated online without a fuss, and claims can be sent through online. As the first truly digital short-term insurance provider, MiWay gives its clients ease of use and the ability to view or download important documentation at any time.


Is MiWay the Right Insurance Provider for your Home Insurance Policy?

According to the CEO of, MiWay has been the number one ranked insurer for more than five years on their site. With more than 11,000 positive reviews, it seems that MiWay takes customer satisfaction seriously. Their vision statement includes their aim to be fanatical about delivering an awesome customer experience.

Choosing an insurance provider is, however, about more than just Hellopeter reviews. The plans on offer should meet your needs and budget, and the insurance provider should hold a reputation for keeping their promises. Here is what MiWay has to offer to insure your home buildings and contents.


What are MiWay’s Household Insurance Options?

With MiWay, you can insure the contents of your home and the actual structures making up your home. Also known as home contents insurance and home buildings insurance, these plans are designed to be simple, easy, and sufficient for the needs of the everyday South African. Each plan comes with benefits and the option to obtain additional cover should you wish.


MiHomeStuff – MiWay Home Contents Insurance

Designed to answer the “what ifs”, MiWay’s home contents insurance plan is named MiHomeStuff. With this insurance plan, you get cover for all the stuff in your home. If an insured event occurs, MiWay’s home contents insurance makes it possible to replace the items you’ve lost.

Insured events on the MiWay Home Insurance plan include fire, theft, water, wind, and storm damage. If you’re worried about things that aren’t included in the policy as is, you can opt to extend your cover. Optional additional cover includes extended cover for theft, extended cover for garden and leisure equipment, and extra cover for losses due to electrical surges and dips.

Read the policy before signing, as there are some exclusions, terms, and conditions. Homes used as communes are not covered with MiHomeStuff, and movable objects should be covered by a different insurance policy and won’t be included in the cover provided.

MiWay requires that security measures and devices be in place and operational in order for theft cover to apply. If your home is unoccupied, abandoned, or illegally occupied, the cover is not as extensive. When your home needs to be repaired and you can’t live in it, MiWay pays for accommodation unless the home is being used as a guesthouse or similar venture.

Finally, the MiWay Home Contents Insurance plan offers the insured affordable premiums and a low flat excess. Under certain conditions, the insured can receive a full month’s premium back after three months of premiums have been received. The insured also has access to the added benefit of free household emergency assistance.


MiPlace – MiWay Buildings Insurance

Insurance for the actual structures of your home and outbuildings on your property with MiWay is called MiPlace. With MiPlace, the insured receives cover for insured events that could result in damages and losses to the buildings and structures at the insured address. All permanent structures, fixtures, improvements, and fittings are included in your cover.

Insured events on the MiPlace policy include water damage caused by a leaking or burst geyser or main water burst and a pool or gate motor or pump that was damaged due to a lightning strike. If your thatch-roof home is damaged or damages and losses occur to a thatch-roof property, cover is provided as long as the insured has installed an SABS-approved lightning conductor on the premises.

If your buildings and structures are damaged or lost because of cisterns, heating installations, water pumps, and water supply tanks that form part of your building, such damage and loss is also covered. If damage or loss occurs on the property due to accidental flooding caused by human intervention.

This insurance also does not cover losses and damage due to theft and other intentional acts. Other exclusions exist, so ensure you know what is covered before you purchase MiWay MiPlace insurance. If you want additional cover, you can get extended cover for theft and power surges and dips.


Other Benefits of MiWay Household Insurance

You can choose the type of insurance cover that suits your budget and requirements at MiWay. Their policies are easy to understand, and their claims process is said to be hassle-free. Their customer service is award-winning. You can also opt for flexible excess or a low flat excess.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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