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Hippo Life Insurance

Hippo offers an online platform that will help clients find the right life insurance cover that will suit their needs. Consumers will now be able to see a range of life cover companies in South Africa on the Hippo online results page. Get a quote by filling out a user-friendly online form and in a few easy steps, you will soon be able to find life insurance to suit your individual requirements and budget.

Hippo Life Offers Comparable Quotes for

  • Life insurance for your parents
  • Life insurance for children
  • Joint life insurance
  • Traditional whole life insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Life insurance cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Mortgage life insurance
  • Life insurance for over 50s
  • High-risk life insurance

Life Insurance for Your Parents

  • Life insurance for your parents usually includes cover for funeral expenses
  • Takes care of paying any leftover debt once they have passed on
  • Takes care of education expenses if there are children that are still studying
  • Insurable interest must be proven to your insurance service provider (when you may suffer financial losses if your parents die and you take over certain financial obligations you could not personally afford, this is referred to as an insurable interest)
  • Any type of insurance can be selected to cover your parents although the most common type of cover for parents is whole life insurance (a comprehensive policy that will pay out the cover for your parents’ entire lives)

Life Insurance for Children

  • Life insurance for children usually builds up value over time and is paid out when the child dies
  • Money paid out is used to pay for a burial or funeral
  • Should a child develop a serious illness, the life insurance can be used to cover medical costs
  • When the child comes of age, they can withdraw the life insurance amount

Joint Life Insurance

  • With joint life insurance policies, you and your partner can take out a single life insurance policy that will pay out when one partner dies
  • Because joint life insurance is cheaper than servicing two different policies, cash-strapped families often find this type of cover more cost-effective
  • When couples divorce, the policy cannot be split
  • Should one partner stop paying, the other has the option of taking over the entire policy

Term Life Insurance

  • You can buy term life insurance at a fixed rate for a short term
  • Once the term has expired, the policy is paid out
  • You will need to purchase further life insurance, should you so wish

Traditional Whole Life Insurance

  • Traditional whole life insurance cover is for the insured’s entire life or until the age of 95
  • A fixed premium is paid out in the form of a lump sum on the death of the life insured

Life Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

  • Life insurance is available for those individuals that have a pre-existing medical condition
  • Life insurance cover for pre-existing conditions can be without exclusions so your premiums will be loaded
  • Policies can also cover individuals with exclusions where their condition is not covered. This is covered if you die from another cause other than your pre-existing condition

Mortgage Life Insurance

  • This life insurance policy covers your bond when you die
  • You don’t need to take this policy out with the same banking institution as that of your bond. You will then, however, need to have mortgage life cover with another service provider and cede it to the bond-holding bank to cover your bond debt when you die

Life Insurance for over 50’s

  • You can still get life insurance if you are over 50
  • These insurance policies will pay out a lump sum when you die, but premiums could be high

High-Risk Life Insurance

  • High-risk insurance cover is given to persons who participate in dangerous sports or dangerous jobs
  • The premiums are more expensive than with other plans

More than 30% of all South Africans don’t have life insurance cover, according to statistics. Hippo will help you find the right plan at the right price from a range of life insurance products and providers.

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