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Is Clientele Legal the Best Legal Cover in South Africa?

When you’re spending hard-earned cash on legal cover, it makes sense to spend it on the best one. With this in mind, we have put together all the information you need to know. Below, you can find out what Clientele Legal has to offer South Africans and whether they are the best legal cover in South Africa for your needs.

What is Clientele Legal?

Clientele legal is a division of Clientele General, a subsidiary of Clientele Group Holding Company. This diversified financial services company is listed on the JSE. It is one of SA’s largest direct distributors of financial services products.

Clientele has been providing financial services to South Africans for over 25 years. They aim to offer services and products that are easy to understand and convenient. If you require legal services such as the advice of qualified lawyers for unfair dismissal, civil matters, criminal matters, and other legal matters, a Clientele Legal policy can help you cover the legal costs.

Of course, it’s better to have the cover before you need it, rather than regretting the lack of cover when legal issues arise. The good news is that you can get personal legal cover today! Just fill in the form at the top of this page, and the ideal insurer for your needs will contact you! It’s that easy.

Who is the Owner of Clientele Legal?

The general managing director of the Clientele Group is Basil William Reekie, and the CEO is Gavin Soll. For Clientele Legal, the managing director is Nazeer Hoosen.

How Does Clientele Legal Work?

You can choose an individual, family, or business cover option from their legal division to suit your needs. Each plan comes with its own benefits, but they all give you access to civil, criminal, and labour law attorneys and legal specialists. Here’s how it works:

First, you choose the cover you want and sign a policy document with the insurer. The insurer commits to covering legal services up to a predetermined amount, which will be stated in the policy documents. In return, you commit to paying a small monthly premium amount.

When a legal matter arises in your life, you can contact any of the Clientele legal partners around South Africa for legal assistance and legal advice. You won’t need to worry about the legal costs, because they will be covered up to the amount stated in your policy.

Some of their policies include an excess fee of three months’ premium each time an attorney is appointed. All Clientele Legal policies have a 3-month waiting period. After this, you can get cover for legal representation, should your matter go to court or if you require the drafting of legal documents.

You do not, however, have to wait to get advice. All their legal policyholders can access this telephonically as soon as they have paid their first premium.

What Does Clientele Legal Cover?

Each policy gives you a monthly legal protection cover amount, yearly cover amount, and lifetime cover amount. The three Extended Family Plan options allow you to add family members up to a predetermined amount to your plan. Or you can choose a Business Cover Plan.

All except the Standard Legal Plan give you accidental death cover up to a predetermined amount. This cover reduces to 50% of its value when you turn 76 and ceases altogether once you turn 80. You have unlimited access to expert advice through the Clientele call legal telephonic service, which is available 24/7, 3675 days a year.

Clientele has lawyers across South Africa whom they will appoint as attorneys and pay attorney fees to if your matter is covered. The payments to the attorney are made for services within their mandate directly from Clientele. You can see the details about the type of matters that are covered in the policy documents.

Each plan includes a Bail Benefit, where the insurer commits to arranging bail of up to R5,000 with police if you are arrested for a minor crime. This benefit comes at no extra cost to you.

What is Excluded?

  • They do not cover disbursement costs from your legal representatives.
  • They do not cover preexisting matters.

There may be certain other matters that aren’t covered by your policy. That is why it is important to read through the policy wording carefully to make sure you understand all the exclusions.

Clientele Legal Cover Benefits

  • Get up to R500,000 legal cover annually.
  • Get Unlimited advice just a phone call away from qualified lawyers and legal advisors for you and your family.
  • Legal assistance is available 24/7 for any emergency.
  • Members get access to telephonic and face-to-face consultations.
  • You can get legal cover for contractual disputes, RAF claims, employment and divorce matters.
  • You can also get cover for drinking and negligent driving claims, common assault, and minor crime charges.
  • Get legal protection for salary issues and other forms of labour matter, family matters such as uncontested divorce, claims court matters, urgent matters, and other forms of legal action.
  • Get legal services for property transfers, debt collection, the drafting of legal documents, commercial contracts, and much more.
  • Free Bail Benefit of up to R5,000 with all Clientele Legal policies.
  • Accidental death cover is included.

Is Clientele Legal Good?

Each customer’s experience can differ based on their needs, expectations, and experiences. It’s best to check sites like for the company’s trust rating and other online reviews from other customers to decide for yourself if you are happy with this insurance provider. They have a long record of offering cover for legal matters in the country and a country-wide network of legal experts.

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