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Clientèle Insurance

If you're on the hunt for reliable insurance in South Africa, Clientèle might be the answer you're looking for. Let's delve into how their insurance works and what they offer.

Who is Clientèle?

Clientèle stands as a prominent player in the South African insurance and financial services landscape. For over a quarter-century, they’ve been providing South Africans with a wide array of cost-effective long-term and short-term insurance products, ranging from legal coverage to life insurance.

As one of South Africa’s most well-established financial services group, Clientèle Limited has earned its spot on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, signifying their reputation in the financial sector.

How Does Clientèle Insurance Work?

Clientèle, with its extensive portfolio of insurance products, can add substantial value to your life. From legal insurance policies to traditional life assurance products, they are known for their reliability in South Africa. You can get a quote for Clientèle insurance by filling out a simple form, which sets the wheels in motion.

Once you’ve selected your preferred policy, be it from Clientèle’s legal or general insurance offerings, you’ll receive policy documents to review and sign. These documents outline the terms and conditions of your coverage. By paying monthly premiums, you secure protection against the risks specified in the policy documents, with any exclusions or limitations clearly defined. No matter the specific product you choose, the benefits and rewards are detailed in your policy.

What Does Clientèle Cover?

Clientèle offers more than just short-term insurance to South African citizens. They also offer loans and various life insurance products.

Let’s break down some of their key offerings.

Clientèle Legal Plans

If you’re in need of legal assistance concerning civil, criminal, or labor-related matters, Clientèle’s legal plans can be your lifeline. Choose from standard, classic, extended family, and legal business insurance options that will cover legal costs.

The standard plan covers a broad range of issues and even includes benefits for retrenchment and limited bail. Access to legal documents, contracts, and a 24-hour legal emergency line is also part of the package. You can further customise your coverage with optional add-ons like accidental death protection or extended family cover.

The classic plan offers similar coverage, with possible differences in the coverage amount and the inclusion of your spouse and children up to the age of 21, provided they are full-time students.

With the extended family plan, you can extend coverage to up to four additional family members at no extra cost. Alongside the standard coverage, you can opt for accidental death protection for these added family members.

For businesses, the Clientèle Business Legal Plan caters to issues related to debt collection, commercial contracts, civil matters, and labor disputes. It’s a comprehensive solution that provides both advice and legal representation through a team of legal advisors.

Clientèle Funeral Cover

Clientèle Funeral Insurance offers an affordable and convenient solution to cover your funeral expenses. When a loved one passes away, funerals can be both emotionally and financially burdensome. Funeral expenses, which can be substantial, are typically deemed necessary to honour the deceased.

Paying a small monthly premium provides a funeral policy that ensures that these costs and wishes are met, without causing significant financial strain. Having Clientèle funeral cover in place means your family won’t need to scramble to come up with funds for a funeral at short notice.

Clientèle Hospital Plans

Clientèle’s Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P) protect you and your family from the unforeseen financial burdens associated with hospitalisation. These plans provide cash payouts to alleviate the financial strain of unexpected medical expenses. The cash payout can be used as needed.

Clientèle App

Clientèle offers a user-friendly app that allows you to buy policies online or become a member. The app is free to use, with Clientèle covering the data usage on all major networks in South Africa.

Clientèle Legal Business Insurance

The Clientèle Legal Business Plan is a valuable resource for any business owner. For a modest monthly fee, you gain access to professional legal services. Whether you need legal assistance or representation, Clientèle Legal Business Insurance is a practical and affordable choice.

Running a business, whether it’s a startup or an established enterprise, can be challenging. The Clientèle Legal Business Plan is designed to provide essential legal protection. It covers a wide range of areas, including labor disputes, civil matters, commercial contracts, and debt collection.

If you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective insurance solutions, consider reaching out to us for a quote. Take that step to safeguard your financial well-being today.

The Clientèle App

You can use the Clientèle app as a self service portal, to buy a policy online or become a member. It is easy to use and free. That means Clientèle pays for all the data the app uses on all major networks in South Africa!


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