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Clientèle Insurance

Clientèle is one of the leading long-term insurance and financial service groups in South Africa. For over 20 years, Clientèle Limited has served South Africa with a range of affordable financial insurance service products.

Clientèle Products

  • Funeral
  • Hospital*
  • Legal
  • Life

Clientèle Funeral Insurance

Your family should not have to worry about how they will pay for your funeral when you die. That’s why the Clientèle Funeral Dignity plan pays out within just 24 hours. Get funeral cover, R110,000 family cover for less than R2 per person per day from R240 per month.

Clientèle Funeral Products

  • The Funeral Dignity Plan
  • The Ultimate Dignity Plan

Clientèle Hospital Plan

The Clientèle Health Event Life Plans (H.E.L.P) offer you insurance to protect you and your family against the unforeseen costs related to hospitalisation*. These insurance plans provide you with cash pay-outs to lessen the financial burden of unexpected medical costs, and the cash is paid out for you to use any way you wish.

Hospital cover differs from medical aid. While a medical aid or hospital plan covers the cost of the medicine, visits to a doctor or hospital*, and any procedures, hospital cover pays out a certain amount per day while the insured is hospitalised*. This money serves to cover the income lost by the insured because of their hospitalisation. This is especially important for individuals whose income is commission-based or who are self-employed.

* Insurance that pays non-medical expense cover as a result of hospitalisation.

** This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

Clientèle Hospital* Plans

  • Clientèle Standard H.E.L.P Plan
  • Clientèle Ultimate H.E.L.P Plan
  • Clientèle H.E.L.P Accident Plus Plan

Clientèle Legal

Clientèle Legal offers you the opportunity to obtain Professional Legal Services. Clientèle Legal will provide you with inexpensive legal cover and an easy way to get your own qualified, professional lawyer or legal team.

Clientèle Legal Plans

  • Standard
  • Classic
  • Extended Family
  • Legal Business

Clientèle Life Insurance

Losing a family member or someone close to you is one of the most difficult things anyone can face. The grieving process is difficult and can be made more complicated when financial issues surface. Alleviate the pressure and financial burden by planning ahead. From as little as R180 per month, you can be reassured that your family will be provided for after you have passed on.

Clientèle Life provides life cover direct to the public over the phone, and they don’t require their clients to go for a full medical examination or complete any paperwork.

Clientèle Life Insurance Products

  • Standard
  • Ultimate Life
  • Accidental Death

Following the direct insurance model, Clientèle pays out a cash-back bonus to their life insurance policyholders every 60 premiums. Buy your insurance products directly from Clientèle and save on paying extra to a middle man.



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