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* Your details will be sent to one of the brands that we have partnered with, as can be seen on this page.

AIG Car Insurance

Why pay for cover you don’t use or you don’t need? AIG Car Insurance has created car insurance products so that you only have to pay for the cover you require.

The AIG Car Cash Plan is a rather straightforward, basic insurance that will cover you for the events that you are most likely to encounter but not for the extras that so many other Car Insurance companies charge you for.

Full comprehensive car insurance is expensive at the best of times – AIG Car Cash Plan takes care of the bigger issues instead which include theft, hi-jacking along with vehicle write-offs but bypass the smaller issues such as dents and scratches.

Why it makes good sense to take our AIG Car Insurance:

  • It is nice to know that you can save up to 66% on your car premiums simply by taking out a basic Car Insurance Cover instead of a fully comprehensive plan. Not bad compared to other car insurance companies.
  • Cash is paid out directly to you, the insured, once you submit your claim for hi-jacking or theft.
  • For financed vehicles the balance of the amount is paid to the financial house and the remainder is paid out to the client.
  • Theft and write-offs are remunerated at current market value of vehicles in order for the vehicle to be replaced immediately.
  • A flat excess rate of R2 000 is charged regardless of the value of the vehicle.
  • For as little as R45 a month you can get third party property liability cover which will cover up to R2,5 million.

Vehicles are expensive assets to own, and replacing one after a loss either due to write-off, theft or hi-jacking is a cost most of us cannot incur. AIG Car Insurance which is a basic cover that will take care of all the necessary needs without the extra cost of paying for frilly bits that will normally dig deeply into your pocket, is the way to go forward when looking for cover for your vehicle.

Unless you are in a position to purchase your car with cash, you will require vehicle finance which is practically unobtainable without the necessary insurance cover – the reason being that should you die before you have completed paying off your car, the banks and finance houses need the right kind of assurance that you have enough insurance cover.

AIG Car Insurance Cover might be the one for you, compare a couple of quotes and packages to find out more about cover that takes care of the necessary.

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