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AIG Health Cover

You might or you might not be an entrepreneur and work for yourself – but if you do you will soon find that were you to be admitted to hospital will all those things that you and your family take for granted be taken care of. Even if you work for a company, daily expenses take their toll if you are incapacitated in this manner.

AIG Health Cover will give you up to R5 000 a day when you are in hospital and this way your family will be able to buy groceries, pay for a babysitter, hire a car – whatever you need to have taken care of should you suddenly find yourself in hospital.

The AIG Health Cash Plan is not a medical aid plan and does not take the place of medical aid cover; although the cash can be used for whatever you might need it for.

What you get if you take out the AIG Health Cash Plan:

  • While you are in hospital you will be paid out R2 500 a day – all this for only R85.00 a day.
  • You will have cover for hospitalisation due to illness or accidents.
  • If you are in intensive care, there are double benefits and you will then be paid out R5 000 a day.
  • Maternity benefits are included.
  • The nice thing about this cover is that you are not asked any awkward medical questions.
  • Cover kicks in from the very first day you are admitted.
  • The benefit pays up to 180 days in hospital.
  • This cover is not only available to you but for your entire family as well.
  • Note that the insurance cover is available to persons from the ages of 18 to 65 years of age.
  • A small admin fee is payable.

As is the case with many insurance products, there are certain exclusions which include:

  • HIV/AIDS plus any infections affiliated with HIV/AIDS.
  • Convalescent home.
  • Hospices, frail-care centres or other places where confinement takes place.
  • Any pre-existing conditions for the first 24 months of the condition.
  • Maternity during the first year.
  • Miscarriage or abortion or complications from childbirth.
  • Illness claims for the first 90 days are excluded.
  • Diabetes, epilepsy and any mental conditions are all excluded.

The AIG Health Cash Plan is a wonderful policy that has been designed to bridge the gap should you find yourself in hospital for any length of time. Discover more about AIG’s health cover by visiting their site so that you and your family can benefit should you end up in hospital.

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