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AIG Life Insurance

AIG Life offers consumers the AIG Family Protection Plan that ensures your family is taken care of in the unforeseeable event of accidental death or disability and comprehensive personal accident cover.

Family Protection Plan 

  • The Family Protection plan from AIG offers cover as a direct result of an accident for the insured and the entire family
  • Half the benefit is paid upfront, and the balance is paid in three equal instalments into the account of the beneficiaries over three years
  • The AIG Family Protection Plan is available for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 years
  • Cover for the AIG Family Protection Plan will cease at age 85
  • The AIG Family Protection Plan will not cover death and disability due to Chronic Illness. The policy only covers accidental death or disability
  • Premiums will be calculated according to the level of cover you select or whether you choose to cover your family or not
  • Cover starts as soon as the first premium is received
  • The amount payable in respect of the death of children will be limited to R10,000
  • For disability, children who are covered by the policy will receive 25% of the benefit

The Permanent Loss Benefit

  • This benefit covers the permanent and total loss of the use of toes, fingers, feet, hands, legs, or arms
  • The amputation of limbs, fingers, toes, feet, or a hand
  • The loss of hearing, sight, or speech is also covered
  • Depending on the plan chosen, maximum benefits per insured person range from R100,000 to R600,000

Benefits of the AIG Family Protection Plan

  • Peace of mind with the knowledge that your loved ones will be taken care of should you become permanently disabled or accidentally die
  • Options are flexible with cover ranging from R100,000 to R600,000
  • No medicals
  • No HIV tests
  • Cash pay-out that is tax-free
  • Up to five children can be covered
  • For the first 90 days of travelling, you have cover anywhere in the world
  • An annual annuity will be paid out in January every year to take care of school fees and other necessities for education or any other family requirements
  • Where the beneficiary is a minor, the annuity is paid out to the child’s nominated guardian

The AIG Family Protection Plan has various options available to suit your needs. You can get cover for yourself, your spouse, and up to five children. The AIG Family Protection Plan provides cover for accidental death and accidental permanent disability but does not cover natural death or any illness-related disability.

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