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famous insurance policies - alien abduction

Crazy Famous Insurance Policies: Alien Abduction

Famous But Crazy Insurance Policies: Alien Abduction

Insurance policies exist to cover real risks. Most policies make sense and cover things like dread diseases, prized possessions, or liabilities. There are some crazy but famous insurance policies out there that cover less common events.

Sure, immaculate conception insurance seems crazy. At least that actually happened. It having happened doesn’t make it plausible to create an entire insurance policy around the occurrence. But, it does seem more plausible than creating an insurance product around something that people are afraid might happen. Like alien abduction.

Insurance for Alien Abduction

A crazy insurance policy, opted into predominantly by Californians, is prepared to pay out an impressive $3 million in the event that the insured is abducted by aliens and probed. Anally. While this may be a worthwhile fear, it’s certainly not a worthwhile market for insurance companies.

According to the director of the insurance company that underwrites such a crazy insurance policy, the burden of proof is on the claimant. While evidence of anal probing my be irrefutable, the exact cause is not. This means, a claimant may be able to prove personal injury. He may find it impossible to prove that it was performed by extra terrestrials. The insurance company is currently in no immediate danger of paying out the $3 million.

If you feel your insurance company is similarly irresponsible, taking large amounts of your hard earned cash only to refute your claims, then perhaps it’s time to compare policies. Fill in our online form for life insurance and short-term cover to compare your current product with others on the market.

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