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Is there an insurance company that covers older cars?

Is There an Insurance Company That Covers Older Cars?

For many vehicle owners, finding insurance for older cars in South Africa can be challenging. The sentimental value and uniqueness of vintage and classic cars make them a preferred mode of transportation and, above that, a prized possession. But when it comes to insuring these automotive treasures, many owners find themselves at a crossroads, unsure if their car insurance can be quite comprehensive for their vintage vehicles and classic cars. Many insurers refuse to cover a car older than 20 years or a used car past its best-by date.

The question arises, is there an insurer in South Africa willing to cover old cars? Is old car insurance even a thing? And if it is, where can you get an old car insurance quote? This article dives deep into the intricacies of comprehensive car insurance for classic and older vehicles, providing insights and guidance for securing the best insurance options.

Why Won’t Insurers Cover My Old Car?

Common Misconceptions

Many car owners believe that it’s near impossible to get insurance for older cars, especially those considered to be classic or vintage. They think that insurers are solely focused on new or relatively new cars due to their lower risk profile and higher market value. Such misconceptions may prevent owners from seeking coverage under the false assumption that their vehicles are uninsurable. The belief that insurance premiums for older cars are prohibitively expensive also deters car owners from exploring available insurance options.

Real Challenges

While misconceptions abound, there indeed are real challenges when attempting to insure older cars. These challenges largely stem from the unique risk profile associated with older vehicles. Insurers assess risk based on factors like the car’s age, its likelihood of needing repairs, the availability of parts, and the mileage it has covered. Older cars, especially those considered classic or vintage, might pose higher risks for insurance companies because of part scarcity, potential maintenance issues, and car insurance premiums may reflect this. Additionally, the lack of standardized pricing for classic cars complicates the insurance quote process, making it harder for owners to find suitable coverage.

So, Does Someone in South Africa Cover Older Cars?

The insurance landscape in South Africa does, in fact, cater to older cars, but finding the right cover can be complicated. Essential to this journey is understanding that not all insurance providers offer coverage for classic or vintage cars, making it crucial to research and find those specializing in insurance for older cars. Companies like OUTsurance offer various insurance options, including comprehensive insurance that covers vintage and classic cars, acknowledging their value and the unique needs of their owners. These specialized policies consider the car’s age, rarity, and value, ensuring that the coverage meets the specific requirements of classic car enthusiasts.

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Do older cars cost more to insure?

Whether older cars cost more to insure depends on various factors, including their condition, rarity, and the type of insurance. In some cases, older cars may have higher premiums due to their unique risk profile, but for classic and vintage cars that are well-maintained, insurance companies may offer competitive rates, especially with specialized insurance options.

Can I get full coverage on an old car?

Yes, it is possible to get full insurance for vintage cars, especially if it is considered a classic or vintage vehicle. Comprehensive insurance options are available for older cars that cover a wide range of risks, including damage, theft, and third-party liabilities.

What is the cutoff age for considering a car ‘old’ or ‘classic’?

The cutoff age for considering a car ‘old’ or ‘classic’ can vary, but vehicles over 20 years old are often categorized as classic or vintage. The specific classification may depend on the insurer and the perceived value and condition of the vehicle.

Types of Insurance for Older Cars

When searching for insurance for an older car in South Africa, owners will find several types of insurance at their disposal, including comprehensive or classic car insurance. Comprehensive cover is the most inclusive, covering accidental damage to the car, theft, and third-party liabilities. It is ideal for those who have invested significantly in restoring or maintaining their classic car.

Another option is essential car insurance, which provides cover for basic needs like theft and third-party damages but may exclude certain repairs and maintenance issues typical to older cars. Choosing the right type of insurance depends on the car’s value, the owner’s budget, and the intended use of the vehicle.

Benefits of Insuring an Older Car

Getting insurance for an older car offers numerous benefits, including complete peace of mind for the owner. It ensures that investments in classic vehicles are protected against theft, accident damage, and unexpected damages. Moreover, having specialized insurance cover for a classic or vintage car can greatly enhance its value, especially if it’s restored or maintained to a high standard.

Insuring an older car also facilitates its use, be it for daily commuting or occasional drives, without the constant worry of financial loss due to unforeseen incidents. Classic car owners can worry less about the replacement cost and just enjoy their prized possession instead. These advantages make seeking out and securing the right cover an essential step.

How to Find the Right Insurance Company for Your Older Car

Questions to Ask Potential Insurers

Finding the right policy for an older car requires strategic questioning to ensure that the coverage meets the car’s needs. Owners can inquire about the insurer’s experience with classic and vintage cars and whether they offer affordable car insurance tailored to older vehicles. It’s also important to ask about the insurance quote process and what factors influence the premium to ensure transparency. Questions about the claims process, including any limitations or exclusions specific to older cars, can provide further insight into whether the insurance provider is a suitable match.

Tips for Shopping for Insurance

To find the best classic car insurance policies, you can start by researching insurance companies specializing in classic cars in South Africa. Comparing insurance quotes from multiple providers can help determine the most competitive rates and cover options. Additionally, understanding the difference between comprehensive and essential car insurance is crucial to selecting the right type of insurance for your needs.

Engaging in forums and groups for classic car enthusiasts can provide valuable insights and recommendations for insurance companies experienced in insuring older cars. You can also read reviews to see whether the company truly provides affordable insurance that will cover your needs. Ultimately, the goal is to secure an insurance policy that offers adequate protection and peace of mind.

Finding the Right Old Car Cover the Easy Way

Of course, you can cut out all that fuss and effort and get a free vehicle insurance quote with us. Our experts know insurance and the South African market. We know which providers offer the best policies for your unique needs and situation at an affordable insurance premium. So, the easiest way to find insurance for old cars is to fill in the form on this page (it takes only a minute). Then our advanced system and team of experts will match your needs with the best provider for vintage vehicles and classic cars, and they will give you a call with an obligation-free offer!

Preparing Your Old Car for Insurance

Maintenance and Records

To improve the chances of securing cover for an older car or second-hand car, maintaining the vehicle in good condition is crucial. Regular maintenance ensures that the car is dependable and decreases the risk profile associated with older vehicles. Keeping detailed records of all maintenance and repairs is also essential, as it provides proof of the car’s condition and value. These records can be invaluable during the insurance quote process and can even influence the premium and coverage terms. Ensuring that the car is well-maintained increases its insurability but also its value and appeal to potential buyers.


An appraisal can be a vital step in preparing an older car for insurance in South Africa. Given the unique nature of classic and vintage cars, their market value isn’t always easily determined. Getting a professional appraisal can provide an authoritative valuation of the car, which is indispensable for securing comprehensive insurance coverage. An appraisal takes into consideration the car’s condition, rarity, and any restoration work, offering a solid foundation for negotiating coverage terms. This professional valuation can help ensure that your cover reflects the true value of the older car, providing adequate protection against loss or damage.