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Policy Pointers When Picking an Insurance Provider

How to Choose a Good Insurance Provider

Picking an insurance provider can seem daunting. It may seem confusing, but investigating and opting for the stalwarts in the industry is a good start. Alexander Forbes, iWyze and 1Life-Direct are all good options although there are policy points that will be a common thread among all three.

When picking an Insurance Provider, don’t make the mistake of thinking that life policies and disability policies, amongst others, are the same for everyone. Beware of companies that advertise a policy meant to fit all lifestyles, that costs the same for everyone, and that offers comprehensive cover. Let’s take a look at some of the giants in the insurance sector.

Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes structures policies to suit your individual needs. The extent of the cover offered will then determine the price. One of the numerous Alexander Forbes offerings will be tailored to suit the individual needs of both you and your family.

You need not stop at life insurance cover when choosing Alexander Forbes as your service provider. Wills are professionally executed, motor and the household cover is offered, and other products that will take care of your requirements are available too.


For all those day-to-day needs, i-Wyze offers affordable cover. We need cover for cars, homes, and assets in our homes. i-Wyze offers a variety of insurance products that will take care of your personal and business essentials. This user-friendly insurance service provider also offers funeral, life, hospital insurance, and medical aid cover.

It’s time to take care of you and your family, both today and when you are no longer here to take care of them.

1-Life Direct

1-Life Direct is another excellent insurance service provider that will take your individual necessities to the next level. You need to ask yourself this question – why be without insurance if you can have peace of mind and affordable insurance cover with 1-Life Direct.

When deciding who to choose as your insurance provider, the secret is to shop around for quotes that will fit your budget and circumstances. Plan offerings differ and so do essential needs from one individual to the next. Bear in mind that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to taking out cover for you, your home, your business, your health or other needs. Picking an insurance provider that suits you, the individual, is imperative.

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