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What’s the Cheapest Hospital Cover in South Africa?

Finding the Cheapest Hospital Cover in South Africa

The cheapest hospital cover in South Africa is available through the government at public hospitals, but only the really indigent can afford to go there. For everyone else, there is medical insurance or medical aid that offers hospital cover. The question, “who provides the cheapest hospital cover in South Africa?” is difficult to answer because hospital insurance rates are constantly changing with the costs of medicine, and because hospital insurance companies sometimes make it difficult to compare products.

Medical aid companies, like most insurance companies, make it impossible to compare apples with apples by offering products that are so varied it is difficult to determine similarities. Suffice to say that the cheapest hospital plan covers the fewest perils. Hospital plans and medical aids that provide the most benefits are the most expensive.

Cheapest Hospital Cover Benefits

Hospital plans will limit the number of hospitalized days per year that they will cover, how many illnesses they will cover, and how much in terms of money the cover is limited to. For example, some hospital plans will only cover certain kinds of mental illness, and not others. Certain hospital plans will limit cover of terminal care to a certain amount and rehabilitation to a certain number of days. By imposing these limits on their plans, medical schemes reduce how much risk they expose themselves to.

Cheapest Hospital Cover and Chronic Medication

All hospital plans and medical aids must cover the costs of chronic medication for the 27 prescribed minimum benefits. These 27 diseases include such things as HIV/AIDS and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. More expensive hospital plans will cover more than just the 27 PMBs. Each hospital plan will stipulate which benefits these include.

Cheapest Hospital Cover and Day-to-Day Benefits

Day-to-day benefits refer to non-hospital medical expenses such as visiting a GP, a dentist, or an optometrist. Most hospital plans do not cover day-to-day benefits, especially those that occur outside of a hospital. Those that do will be more expensive. This care is usually limited to a set amount per year or per visit to each medical practitioner.

The best way to get the cheapest hospital cover is to compare products. You can do that right here by filling in our online form. It’s easier than going to a government hospital.

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