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Does My Medical Aid Cover the Pill?

Does My Medical Aid Cover the Pill?

In South Africa, your medical aid covers the pill in the same way any other over-the-counter prescription medicine is covered. Your cover depends on the measure of cover you get from your insurer and the option you chose. If you have medical aid with a savings account, cover often comes out of your savings.

If you have a day-to-day benefit, cover may also come from there. Some medical aid options like hospital plans do not offer cover for the pill. If you aren’t sure about whether your medical aid option covers the pill, you can speak to your insurance provider or a broker. Or fill in our form to get quotes for a better and more affordable medical aid plan.

In the past, contraceptives weren’t necessarily covered by South African insurance companies. But, since changes to the Short-Term Insurance Act in 1999, coverage of the pill improved.

Why Did Medical Aid Not Cover the Pill in the Past?

The director of Medscheme, Gary Taylor, says medical aid schemes viewed the pill more as a lifestyle purchase in the past. Especially since thy reasoned one could get it at a state clinic anyways. He believes that a stronger female representation on medical aid boards has contributed to more fair coverage for women’s interests where medical aid is concerned.


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