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5 Steps to Cheap Health Insurance

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance

There is no factory store for health insurance, which means paying full retail price. Given that health insurance or medical aid is indemnification for your poor health, it only makes sense that the healthier you are, the cheaper your medical aid contributions. But eating celery and power walking to work aren’t the only ways to reduce your medical contributions. Here are 5 Ways You Can Get Cheap Health Insurance.

5 Steps to Cheap Health Insurance

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking has been hazardous to your health since the 90s. It’s also hazardous to your health insurance. The use of tobacco or other addictive substances makes you a higher insurable risk and more likely to be hospitalized or require medical attention. Quitting will reduce this risk, as will joining a cessation programme, especially one funded by your medical scheme.

2. Moderate Sports

Instead of engaging in extreme sports, such as skydiving, rather try a game of bowls. There’s less risk of injury, which means less risk of being hospitalized, which means less risk to your insurance company paying out to fix you.

3. Get Group Cover

If you and your spouse both get group cover through work, determine whose covers both your needs. It may be cheaper to be on one policy than both covering each other. The same is also true for families. It may be cheaper for all members of the family to be on one policy than to be principal members on your own.

4. Choose an In-Network Doctor

Most medical schemes will give you a discount for using one of their approved network doctors (while others make this compulsory). It may mean more driving time to get there, but you’ll save on premiums. In-network doctors offer lower rates to medical schemes.

5. Plan for Medical Expenses

Some hospital visits are planned, such as those to a maternity ward. If you and your wife are planning on having children, make sure your plan covers maternity before you fall pregnant. It may be more expensive (if not impossible) to do so later.

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