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iWYZE insurance

More than 160 years in the insurance industry has taught Old Mutual to go direct. The insurance brokerage began offering direct short-term insurance by means of its iWYZE product. iWYZE stands out from other direct insurance companies because of its benefits, such adjustable premiums, emergency assistance, and excess and premium waivers on vehicle, home, household contents and liability insurance.

After three claim-free years your first insurance excess falls away–if you chose the lowest excess option when taking out the policy. That is if you’ve been paying the highest premium option for three years without claiming, you don’t have to pay an excess when you do. Great.

Learning from other direct short-term insurance companies, Old Mutual will give iWYZE clients 10 percent of their premiums back in cash after three years of not claiming. What’s more, they provide premium waivers too. If the client gets retrenched from his or her job, iWYZE will waive premiums for up to 6 months giving the insured enough time to find another job without cancelling his or her insurance policies.

iWYZE vehicle insurance

Even though a separate insurance policy is required for different types of vehicles, iWYZE covers cars, watercraft, caravans and trailers. For vehicles there is third-party only, third-party fire and theft and comprehensive insurancewith optional extras such as car hire, named driver and credit shortfall cover. (Credit shortfall pays in the difference between the value of the car and the amount still owed to the financier in the event that the vehicle is written off.)

What’s unique about iWYZE car insurance is that it gives drivers the option to insure their vehicle for retail, market or other specified value. Most direct insurers only cover the vehicle for its market value as this is the lowest option.

iWYZE home and contents insurance

iWYZE home insurance covers the structure of the home from damage caused by floods, fire, earthquake and other natural disasters, while the iWYZE home contents cover protects the movable possessions within the home. The Automatic Annual Premium Adjustment adjusts the value of the insurance policy to match the value of the home every year to make sure that you are not underinsured. That is, if the value of the home goes up every year, the value of the insurance policy should too, to cover its replacement costs.

What’s more, iWYZE will pay for your home to rebuilt. As there are hidden costs involved in rebuilding the home, the iWYZE home insurance policy becomes more comprehensive than other direct insurers.

iWYZE liability insurance

The home contents and homeowner’s insurance policies by iWYZE include different forms of liability insurance. This protects the homeowner for claims of personal injury and damages made against him or her. The cover also includes legal cover should the homeowner wish to take legal action against someone.

Insurance has come a long way since Old Mutual began, for instance, you can get a range of quotes for car and home insurance by filling in one online form, instead of getting a broker to go to their favourite insurance company for you.

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