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Metropolitan Insurance

Metropolitan offers financial solutions that will build a solid foundation, secure what you already have, grow your savings, or enable you to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of hard work during retirement.


  • FutureBuilder MultiCash Plan
  • DreamBuilder Cash Plan
  • DreamBuildier Funeral Family Products
  • Metropolitan Life Cover
  • DreamBuilder Savings Plan
  • Metropolitan Life Retirement Annuity Fund
  • Metropolitan Investment Plans
  • Financial Protection
  • Metropolitan Pension Preservation Fund

Metropolitan FutureBuilder MultiCash Plan

Metropolitan offers you numerous savings plans that afford your children the opportunity to get a good education.

  • FutureBuilder plan
  • Dream Building policy for individuals (pays out tax-free after 10 to 15 years)
  • DreamBuilder Edu-Plus Plan

Metropolitan DreamBuilder Cash-Plan

  • This is an investment plan created for employees that are members of group schemes or unions

DreamBuilder Family Funeral Products

DreamBuilder Family Funeral Products will assist in giving your loved ones the final goodbye that they deserve at an affordable price.

Metropolitan Life Cover

Metropolitan’s Life Cover solutions help you decide what level of financial security you would like to leave your family with when you pass away.

  • Life cover plans tailored to suit your individual needs
  • Optional Metropolitan Disablement & Critical Illness Cover
  • Daily cash pay-out option for hospitalisation

DreamBuilder Savings Plan

The DreamBuilder Savings Plan helps you sustain your plan for the goal you’re saving towards. Some of Metropolitan’s plans let you withdraw money from your savings annually.

  • Save towards your life goals
  • Leave a legacy of money

Metropolitan Life Retirement Annuity Fund

  • FutureChoice Retirement Annuity

Metropolitan Investment Plans

  • Investment Provider
  • Financial Provider (Pure Endowment)
  • Unit trusts (both local and abroad)
  • DreamBuilder Savings Plan

Financial Protection

  • Financial Provider (Whole Life Endowment)
  • Financial Provider (Endowment with Life and Disability cover)

Metropolitan Pension Preservation Fund

  • FutureBuilder Pension Plan
  • DreamBuilder Pension Plan

Metropolitan has a passion for helping businesses and individuals shape a better future through informed choices by offering affordable, innovative financial solutions to make a difference.

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