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Are you looking for the cheapest funeral cover?

We at can help you find it. We source a wide range of funeral insurance quotes directly from leading insurance companies and brokers. We’ve navigated the complicated world of insurance to get the best quotes around so you don’t have to spend hours online or on the phone. What’s more, our service is free to the public and there’s no obligation on you to take any of the policies.

Even if you already have life insurance, you might want to consider taking out funeral cover too, as it could take months (or even years) for your life insurance policy to pay out. Before you do though, you might want to find out what to compare when evaluating funeral insurance quotes.

Why do I need

Funeral Cover?

The extent of funeral cover

Extent refers to the value of the funeral policy as well as the number of benefits it includes. As funerals are quite expensive, the policy should pay out a sizeable amount (usually between R5 000 and R100 000). Whatever the amount you choose, it should be sufficient to cover the interment or cremation costs, catering at the reception, a coffin (if needed), transport to the gravesite and mortician and funeral home fees.

That said, most standalone funeral insurance policies (those which have their own policy and are not a benefit of another policy, such as a life insurance policy) cover more than just the costs of the funeral. Some add medical benefits onto the policy too, which pays out for any outstanding medical bills around the time of the death, and a grocery benefit, which provides financial support for the family in the breadwinner’s absence.

The payment period

Funeral insurance exists as a separate policy to life insurance because it pays out quicker than a life insurance policy will. Most will pay out within 48 hours of the death of the insured. When comparing funeral cover quotes, check the payment period and the requirements for claiming. Most insurers only require a copy of the death certificate, but others will request more. The more hoops you have to jump through, the longer it will take to pay out.

Also make sure that the policy doesn’t come with an expiry. Some policies fall away after the insured reaches a certain age, by which time the insured should be able to cover him- or herself.

Accidental death benefits

Also look for accidental death benefits. As an accidental death is not foreseeable, some insurers pay out double the funeral insurance policy amount. This bides the family some time to get their finances in order when the breadwinner is unexpectedly lost.

It’s simple to see why you should use us:

  • Cover from only R27 per month
  • Up to R110,000 paid within 24 hours
  • Family and individual plans available
  • Additional grocery and memorial benefits included

Funeral Cover is for everyone

When the time comes for us to say a sad farewell to those we love most, it is a time to mourn and not to be concerned about how to pay for the funeral. Funerals can cost anything from R12 000 upwards, all depending on how lavish you would like the send-off to be. There are a couple of funeral insurance companies that will offer you more than funeral cover alone, including ways and means to invest your money.

For many of us we are only interested in a burial that is dignified without the worry; this is the reason why you should choose funeral cover that will assist with all the finer details, freeing you up to take care of other more pressing issues.

Death and dying are not topics that are pleasant and often are avoided, but being prepared is realistic and unselfish as it frees your loved ones up from the worry of how to pay for a burial.

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What some of

our clients say

  • I'm saving more than 20% each month on my funeral insurance premiums with the policy I found thanks to Great service and a great product!
    Peter Mabida
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