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Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones*

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Liberty Life Insurance

Liberty Life has created products that will give you and your loved ones peace of mind when you die, with access to an authorised Liberty Advisor who can help with financial advice and planning.

Liberty Life  is one of the top five life insurance service providers in South Africa, offering life and funeral cover products and services to give their clients a secure investment with credibility. Liberty Life has one of the insurance industries’ highest claims payouts in terms of all claims honoured.

Liberty Life Products

  • Liberty Life Insurance Cover
  • Liberty Life Funeral Insurance Products

Liberty Life Insurance

Liberty Life will take care of your loved ones if you cannot continue to work due to illness or disability or should you die. Liberty Life is represented throughout South Africa by numerous independent accredited financial advisors; therefore, you will find someone to take care of all your financial needs situated nearby.

Liberty Life Lifestyle Protector Plan

Get the right life protection cover for your loved ones once you are no longer there to take care of them with the excellent Liberty Life Lifestyle Protector Plan. Should you find that you need to recoup after a long illness or event, the Lifestyle Protection plan has been created to take care of your finances during your recuperation. Policy Protection is created to protect against losing your insurance cover or from being denied proper insurance cover during a transitory period if payments cannot be met or as a result of health issues.

Bold Living Annuity 

If you have already retired, you can now switch your living annuity into a Bold Living retirement annuity. This translates into you getting a Liberty return guarantee from your choice of funds that are measured every quarter. If you are pre-retired, you can split your money into an exact income fund which guarantees a certain level of income when you retire or various other investment portfolios to offer you growth.

Liberty Life Funeral Benefits and Plans

Liberty Life insurance offers a range of funeral and burial plans to choose from that permit family members to provide for their loved ones and to give them the funeral they deserve.

Burial Plan

The Liberty Life Burial Plan takes care of all burial expenses to ensure an honourable funeral for you or your loved ones. The plan pays out a lump-sum benefit for the funeral and any related expenses for each person insured on the insurance schedule.

Liberty Life Comprehensive Funeral Plan

The Liberty Life Comprehensive Funeral Plan covers the costs of a funeral for you and a spouse or partner, your children, and extended family members stipulated on the policy.

Liberty Life is represented throughout South Africa by independent accredited financial advisors. You will find a financial expert in your area to take care of all your financial needs.

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  • I can sleep soundly now, knowing that my family will be taken care of when I'm not around anymore. Life insurance is non-negotiable and I'm grateful to for helping me to find the best deal for me.
    Paula Adams
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