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If you are keen to take out insurance cover with a reputable insurance company, Liberty Life Insurance Cover boasts a reputable long-standing reputation in the insurance industry that will ensure that you and your loved ones are well looked after should you die.

Liberty Life Insurance

Getting a Liberty Life Insurance Quote is a pretty simple exercise – all you need to do is to fill out a user-friendly online form and within minutes you will get a response which means you can make a decision almost immediately. Should you no longer be around to help and support your loved ones once you die, the right kind of life insurance cover will give you peace of mind. Furthermore you will now have access to an authorised Liberty Advisor who will be able to assist with financial advice and planning.

Who is Liberty Life and why should we trust this life insurance company?

  • Liberty Life Insurance has been around for the past fifty years and is one of the Top 5 Life Insurance service providers in South Africa.
  • Furthermore Liberty Life is placed in the Top 40 groups listed on the JSE Securities Exchange in Johannesburg; as if this is not enough, Liberty Life is a member of the Standard Bank Group.
  • At Liberty Life Insurance we offer life cover and funeral cover products and services that promise clients a safe and secure investment with credibility.
  • Nice to know is that Liberty Life has one of the insurance industries’ highest claims pay-outs – this is in terms of all claims honoured.
  • If you worry about your family once you are gone, then it makes good common sense to select a reputable life insurance company with a great track record to ensure your family is able to continue in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.
  • Life insurance will take care of your loved ones if you are unable to continue to work due to illness or disability or should you die.
  • Liberty Life is represented throughout South Africa by independent accredited financial advisors therefore you will find someone to take care of all your financial needs no matter where you are.

What the Liberty Lifestyle Protector plan offers its clients:

  • Life Protection offering cover for your loved ones once you are no longer there to take care of them.
  • If you are unable to provide financially for your family due to disability this cover with ensure your next of kin are protected.
  • Should you find that you need to recoup after a long illness or event, the Lifestyle Protection plan has been created to take care of this eventuality.
  • Policy Protection has been crated to cover the danger of either losing insurance cover or denied proper insurance cover due to a transitory situation whereby payments cannot be met or because of health issues.
  • If you have a Liberty Lifestyle Protector policy and other investments with Liberty Life, you stand a chance to qualify for an ADD LIB benefit every five years.

What some of

our clients say

  • I can sleep soundly now, knowing that my family will be taken care of when I'm not around anymore. Life insurance is non-negotiable and I'm grateful to for helping me to find the best deal for me.
    Paula Adams
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