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Discovery Insurance

Is Discovery Insure the right insurer for you? Find out about their benefits and standard of service below.

What is Discovery Insurance?

Discovery Insurance is an insurance product range from Discovery Insurance Group, a division of Discovery ltd. This financial services company operates in various industries, including short-term insurance, long-term insurance, savings and investments, healthcare, and banking.

Discovery insure is Discovery’s insurance arm. You can get comprehensive car insurance from them and added benefits if you are on the Vitality Drive benefit program. Where the company has typically been most known for the discovery health medical scheme, they have now branched out to offer insurance and banking services, too.

How Discovery’s Insurance Works

Discovery has been one of the top insurance companies in South Africa for medical aid for many years, but now you can also get products like comprehensive home insurance and life assurance from them. If you already own Discovery products like Discovery Vitality and one of their medical insurance products, getting affordable insurance from them should be relatively simple.

You can start by getting quotes for the insurance you want. Next, you can check the customisable benefits and inspect the details of the comprehensive insurance cover in the policy documents. If you are happy, you sign, and they sign.

You agree to pay a monthly premium amount, and the insurer agrees to cover perils and give you payouts based on the details in the policy documents you signed. That’s why it is so important to read through the policy documents carefully and ask questions if anything is confusing or unclear to you.

What Does Discovery Insure’s Products Cover?

Whether you need comprehensive life insurance or business content cover, Discovery Insure has a product that can be customised to suit your needs and budget. Discovery’s Shared-value insurance model means you can benefit when you join. One way they increase value for their customers is by helping keep people healthier through their incentivised programmes.

Discovery Business Insurance

This South African insurer can provide short-term and long-term insurance products for businesses of every kind. Along with insurance coverage, Discovery incentivises good behaviour, leading to rewards for the insured company, its employees, and Discovery themselves. For example, you can put your truck drivers on Vitality Drive, the Discovery Insure better driver behaviour programme.

Discovery Insure’s business insurance products include heavy commercial vehicle insurance, liability insurance, fleet cover, business vehicle insurance, property insurance, and much more. They are committed to partnering with business owners to help them mitigate risks and ensure they have the cover they need to succeed.

Discovery Health

Thanks to a strong nationwide network of doctors and hospitals, Discovery can offer some of the most competitive rates in the country for medical cover. This helps the ordinary person get exceptional medical care they can afford. Whether you want to cover children for illness or your wife’s next pregnancy, you can get the cover you need from Discovery.

Discovery Car Insurance

You can get cool rewards along with your comprehensive car cover if you are part of the behaviour change programme, Vitality. Discovery offers comprehensive vehicle cover or simpler forms of cover that cost less. You can get benefits such as a rental vehicle if your car needs to be repaired after a major vehicle accident.

If you enjoy exclusive experiences, you can join their Purple Plan, which comes with a personal Discovery Insure Service Executive appointed to your account and enhanced benefit limits.

Discovery Home Insurance

You can get building cover and contents insurance for your home for a cost-effective premium from Discovery.

Discovery Vehicle Warranty

Discovery now also offers vehicle warranties for your insured vehicle. This can help you cover the costs of repairs because of a mechanical breakdown.

How Good is Discovery Insurance?

Your experience with this insurer can depend on a lot of factors. You can see what other internet users think of Discovery insure by checking reviews on sites like and Feefo. Reading about the customer experience of other policyholders can help you get a clearer picture of this insurer’s reliability and service to policyholders.

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