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Discovery Health Insurance

Discovery Insurance offers their clients a range of flexible and comprehensive insurance cover options specifically created to assist with a wide range of eventualities uppermost in mind.

Hand-pick your insurance products from the numerous affordable insurance offerings that will cater to all your insurance needs and requirements, such as fully comprehensive cover for the home, buildings, home contents as well as portable items.

Some of the valuable benefits that you will be able to enjoy include no excess if you have a claim against consequences that are a direct result from lighting, storm, hail, rain, fire, flood, snow, earthquakes and malicious damage to name a few of the many occurrences.

Discovery Insurance has made a promise that should a claim need to be lodged, that it is done efficiently and effectively in a fair and reasonable fashion.

About Discovery Health:

Discovery Health is a household name which is easily recognisable both locally and internationally. Expect the best health care with Discovery Insurance, although a plethora products are also available under the Discovery Insurance umbrella – a stalwart in the insurance world.

Discovery Healthcare will ensure you:

Enjoy better health care with easy access to a huge selection of care programmes, benefits and services, all designed to guarantee that healthcare workers and individuals have full access to the very best healthcare available as and when they need it most.

Furthermore, health care contributions are cost-effective and on the average they are at least 14.6% lower than other healthcare service providers on comparable plans in South Africa.

The healthier lifestyle you live, the more you will be rewarded with discounts and benefits right across the board.

Discovery Car Insurance

Vitality Car Insurance takes safe driving to new heights through critical safety features that you get with Vitalitydrive Sensory driving technology. These include detecting and assisting drivers should they get involved in an accident.

The awards speak for themselves and bear witness to the progress that has been made in reaching goals by being the forerunner insurance service provider that assists individuals to drive better in a safe and secure manner.

Discovery Building Insurance:

Discovery Building Insurance includes cover for losses and damages that are caused through numerous eventualities that include lightning, fire, flood, snow, storms, hail, rain and malicious damage, as well as events that are mapped out in the in-depth Plan Guide.

Household Contents Insurance:

For all the many items inside your home, get comprehensive cover that is both cost-effective and comprehensive.

Live your best life with Discovery Life Insurance – here’s how:

Discovery Life Insurance encourages their members to live their best, healthiest lives through rewards with discounts that are paid both upfront and that are ongoing.

By driving safely and living a healthy lifestyle you will soon discover that you are richly rewarded through the wellness and rewards programmes.

On joining Discovery Life you will receive an initial discount of 15%, and the better you manage your health and your wellness the more benefits you will get.

The secret is to select the integration link to all your other Discovery products which include Discovery Health, Vitality, your Discovery Car and/or your Vitalitydrive to your Discovery Life Plan – you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you qualify for an initial premium discount as well as ongoing premium discounts. The best part is that you can enjoy getting as much as 50% on your premiums back for living your best and healthiest life!

This amazing PayBack benefit presents clients with incredible reimbursements and by linking all your Discovery products you can receive a portion of your premiums back every five years just by managing your health and wellness well.

Furthermore, you can now choose to receive a PayBack benefit every year (annually) for the first ten years of your policy – the good news being you can get as much as 35% of your premiums back every single year!

Discovery Insurance encourages its clients to live their best, healthiest lives and by doing so members will be richly rewarded.

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