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Discovery Insurance

When it comes to insurance in South Africa, Discovery Insurance offers various options and unique benefits. Here's what you need to know.

Who is Discovery Insure?

Discovery Insure is part of the Discovery Limited corporation in South Africa, known initially for medical aid. It now offers short-term insurance in South Africa. This includes car insurance, and long-term insurance for life coverage.

What Sets Discovery Apart?

Discovery Car Insurance provides customizable options that fit your budget and lifestyle. They offer additional benefits, rewards, and flexibility, ensuring you get affordable comprehensive coverage.

What Does Discovery Car Insurance Cover?

Discovery Car Insurance includes the Vitality program, offering rewards like advanced safety features. With three policy plans and optional extras, you’re covered for emergency services and more.

The Essential Discovery Car Cover Plan

This plan provides comprehensive coverage and rewards for safe driving. It offers no excess when someone else causes an accident, letting you choose your excess within a range. Additional benefits include Trip Monitor, Direction Assist, counseling after traumatic events, and more.

The Classic Discovery Car Insurance Plan

This plan offers comprehensive coverage and additional benefits. You won’t pay an excess for weather or theft-related claims. You can also hire a car and enjoy an optional Uber benefit. Vitality Drive can give you back up to 50% of your fuel or Gautrain costs.

The Discovery Insure Purple Plan

For those with over R5 million in insured assets, this plan offers even more benefits. It includes a dedicated Discovery Insure Service Executive to manage your insurance needs. You can reduce premium payments for multiple vehicles and insure newer cars for their replacement value.

Other Coverage Options

Discovery Car Insurance also offers Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover, as well as coverage for motorcycles, quad bikes, caravans, trailers, and watercraft.

Optional Additional Benefits

You can enhance your coverage with:

  1. Insuring your car by its retail value (+15%).
  2. Credit shortfall cover for your vehicle.
  3. Car hire upgrade.
  4. Good driving behaviour rewards.
  5. Lower car’s write-off percentage.
  6. Multiple vehicle benefit to insure several cars under one policy.
  7. Discovery Insure Vehicle Warranty, covering mechanical breakdowns.

Is Discovery Car Insurance Worth It?

Apart from the Vitality Drive program, Discovery Car Insurance is favored for its intelligent technology and established benefits programs. Reading reviews from other Discovery clients can help you decide.

What Health Options Do They Offer?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers a variety of medical aid plans to cater to your health and financial needs.

Explore the range of plans and benefits available:

Discovery Executive Plan

This Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan provides extensive in-hospital and day-to-day benefits, including extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

Discovery Comprehensive Series

This Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan offers comprehensive coverage for in-hospital and day-to-day expenses, along with extended chronic medicine coverage and unlimited Above Threshold Benefits.

Discovery Priority Series

This Discovery Health Medical Scheme series offers affordable in-hospital coverage, essential chronic medicine coverage, day-to-day benefits, and limited Above Threshold Benefit.

Discovery Saver Series

This Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan provides economical in-hospital coverage, essential chronic medicine coverage, and day-to-day benefits through a medical savings account.

Discovery Core Series

This Discovery Health Medical Scheme hospital plan includes unlimited private hospital cover, essential chronic medicine coverage, but does not provide day-to-day benefits.

Discovery Smart Series

This cost-effective in-hospital plan covers essential chronic medicine and day-to-day expenses when using specified medical service providers in the network.

KeyCare Series

This Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan offers affordable medical cover, but it requires using specified network providers for in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment.

What Are The Key Benefits of Discovery Health Plans?

All Discovery Health Medical Scheme plans provide numerous advantages, such as:

  • No overall limit for hospital cover.
  • Access to private hospitals on most plans.
  • Coverage for a range of chronic illnesses.
  • Screening and prevention benefits for early illness detection.
  • Above Threshold Benefits for additional day-to-day cover once the Annual Threshold is reached.
  • Day-to-day Extended Benefits on selected plans, extending your day-to-day coverage.
  • Comprehensive maternity benefits.
  • Allocation of day-to-day medical expenses to your Medical Savings Account on some plans.

How About Life Insurance?

Discovery Life Insurance not only protects your future but also rewards healthy living.

Discover Discovery Life’s insurance plans and their benefits:

Purple Life Plan

Exclusive to select clients with over R10 million in life cover, this comprehensive Discovery Life Ltd plan offers customisable benefits and substantial coverage.

Smart Life Plan

Designed for young professionals, this Discovery Life Limited plan provides comprehensive coverage that safeguards your future. The Smart PayBack Fund offers up to 100% of qualifying premiums back for healthy living.

Dollar Life Plan

This Discovery Life plan includes comprehensive insurance and an option to extend coverage in case of disability. It features an exchange rate protector for your dollar-denominated premium.

Global Education Protector

This Discovery Life plan covers your child’s education from kindergarten to university when you are unable to do so.

Discovery Business Life Plan

This Discovery Life plan covers disability, serious illness, and death with a range of comprehensive benefits to protect your business. Enjoy a 50% discount on lump-sum disability cover for the first three years of your policy.

Comprehensive Life Insurance

Discovery offers flexible and customised plans to meet your family’s needs while rewarding a healthy lifestyle.

What Are The Key Benefits of Discovery Life Insurance?

Link your Discovery Life Plan for a 39% upfront discount that you can maintain. You can also get up to 50% of your premiums back as a reward for healthy living through the Discovery PayBack benefit. Qualify for up to 100% of your first year’s premiums back during the Vitality Open Campaign, based on fitness goals achieved.

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