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Discovery Car Insurance

Find out what Discovery Car Insurance has to offer South Africans. Are they the right insurer for you? Get quotes here today.

Who is Discovery Insure?

Discovery Insure Ltd is the insurance branch of the Discovery Limited corporation in South Africa. They offer short-term insurance for your home and car and other insurance products as a registered financial services provider. Although originally most known for their medical aid offerings, they have now branched out to offer long-term insurance policies for life insurance and short-term plans, such as home and car insurance.

Who Underwrites Discovery Insure?

The holding company, Discovery Limited, underwrites Discovery Insure’s products. For example, life insurance products are underwritten by Discover Life Ltd.

What Makes Them Different?

Discovery allows you to customise your home insurance and car insurance products so that they suit your budget and lifestyle. Their plans offer you optional added benefits, rewards, and flexibility. You can get affordable comprehensive insurance for your vehicle through Discovery.

What Does Discovery Car Insurance Cover?

When you get insurance from Discovery, the Discovery Vitality program can help you get rewards such as state-of-the-art safety features! If you choose to join the Vitality Drive program, their behaviour program, these benefits and rewards come into play.

They offer 3 car insurance policy plans from which you can choose. You can then customise these plans with optional extras. All their plans come with emergency assistance cover for emergency services, for example, roadside assistance and trauma support.

The Essential Discover Car Cover Plan

This plan offers policyholders comprehensive car insurance cover and good driving rewards as well as high-tech safety features if customers join the Vitality Drive programme. You do not need to pay an excess if someone else caused the accident. You can also choose your excess within a range offered – this means you can control how much you will need to pay in if you need to make an insurance claim.

Access Trip Monitor and Direction Assist as well as counselling after a traumatic accident or hi-jacking event. This plan also covers third party liability up to a predetermined sum. Finally, you can get up to 25% of your petrol or Gautrain spend back every month if you drive well and are on Vitality Drive.

The Classic Discover Car Insurance Plan

Along with comprehensive cover for your vehicles for damage due to bad weather and other common perils, this Discovery Insure plan type gives you enhanced benefits and rewards. So, in addition to the benefits of the essential plan, you also do not need to pay excess when you claim for a weather related or theft related incident.

You can hire a car for up to 30 days and enjoy an optional extra Uber benefit. In addition, Vitality Drive could give you back up to 50% of your fuel or Gautrain costs with this option.

The Discovery Insure Purple Plan

On the Discovery Insure Purple Plan, your benefits are enhanced even more, with more generous limits. This plan best suits those with more than R5 million in insured assets. The exclusive experience of the Discovery purple plan includes the assignment of a Discovery Insure Service Executive who is dedicated to you to service all your insurance needs.

Besides the benefits from the other plans, you can also get a benefit that allows you to reduce your monthly premium payments when insuring multiple vehicles. This specifically applies if you only drive one at a time. You can also insure some cars for their replacement value if they are newer than 2 years from the date of registration.

*You can view the enhanced benefit limits of the innovative benefits on offer from Discovery in the policy wording.

Other Cover Types Available

  • Discovery Insure Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover.
  • Motorcycle Insurance.
  • Quad Bike Insurance.
  • Caravan Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance

Optional Additional Benefits from Discovery Car Insurance

1. Insure Your Car by its Retail Value (+15%)

2. Credit Shortfall Cover for Your Vehicle –

3. Car Hire Upgrade

4. Good Driving Behaviour Rewards

5. Lower Car’s Write-Off Percentage

6. Multiple Vehicle Benefit. you can choose to insure multiple vehicles under one policy.

7. Discovery Insure Vehicle Warranty. Get cover for a mechanical breakdown if your vehicle has a good service history to reduce maintenance costs.

Is Discovery Car Cover Worth It?

Aside from their driver behaviour programme, is there anything specific that makes Discovery Insure the insurer of choice for your vehicle? You can view Discovery Car Insurance reviews online to hear what other Discovery clients think of Discovery Insure’s car insurance. Their intelligent technology and the ability to back their policies with established benefits programs can benefit their policyholders.

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