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Discovery Car Insurance

Discovery car insurance offers top-notch, forward-thinking cover for vehicles. Furthermore, the rates are affordable which suits all budgets.

With Discovery Car Insurance, you can expect some awesome features, as well as the option to join Vitality Drive. Vitality Drive is a driver behaviour programme in which drivers reap rewards for good driving practices. This means that drivers are aware of their driving habits at all times (lowering risk to those around them) while keeping them safe with dynamic safety features.

Discovery Car insurance products:

  • Dynamic Plan – you will pay an excess on this plan. This does not include car hire and Uber options when your car is either stolen or involved in an accident. There is an excess flexibility option, though
  • Essential Plan – the same rules apply to the Essential Plan as they do to the Dynamic plan regarding car hire, Uber and excesses. Excess has a flexibility option
  • Classic Plan – there is no excess on this plan, plus you qualify for car hire or Uber for 30 days when you claim; furthermore, roadside assistance is offered as well as Directionassist and Tripmonitor. Click here find out more about these two benefits:
  • The Executive Plan – excess waiver, car hire or Uber options for 30 days when you claim and roadside assistance including Directionassist and Tripmonitor

**The excess waiver on the above plans refers to eventualities that include theft-related and weather-related claims as well as accidents – refer to terms and conditions to glean all information relevant to your policy.

Other benefits include

  • towing and storage of your vehicle
  • recovering of keys
  • locks and remotes
  • trauma support
  • personal liability cover

Discovery car insurance benefits (Vitality Drive)

  • Vitality Drive is the innovative driver programme that rewards motorists for good driving habits
  • Get up to 50% of your fuel spend back each month for driving well
  • Did you know that you can earn up to R800 back on fuel spend each month if you have a Gautrain Gold card, and you can get as much as 50% back on your monthly Gautrain spend?
  • Save up to 25% off your Uber rides
  • You will have access to unique safety features such as ImpactAlert – this will ensure emergency services are alerted when you are unable to do so
  • Additionally, Vitality Drive Active Rewards offers popcorn, drinks and car wash vouchers for driving well


Further safety features with intelligent technology:

Some of the unique safety features include ImpactAlert – emergency assistance will be sent to you if you are involved in a crash. If you are not able to call for assistance, you will have help come and find you.

Discovery Car Insurance has pulled out all the stops and rewards individuals for driving well.

Discovery Insure offers you flexible, comprehensive car insurance that is affordable and tailored to your lifestyle, with cover including innovative technology, benefits, rewards and outstanding service features.

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