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Clicks Insurance

Toiletries and insurance! Now that’s convenience. Clicks, although not your conventional insurance company, provides car and home insurance with some unique benefits that your current insurance company may not offer, such as premium waivers, maternity waivers and insurance protection plans. Just like your toiletries, your Clicks insurance promises cash back rewards… if you’re a ClubCard™ member that is. Clicks ClubCard™ insurance members get 25% of all premiums back in cash after four years (whether you claim or not), which differs from most cash-back bonuses.

The car and home insurance policies from Clicks function like many direct insurance products by covering your car and home from accidental damage and theft. The extent and limits of cover are determined by the type of policy and its wording, but what separates Clicks from other direct insurance companies are the benefits.

Clicks insurance protection plan

The funeral benefit attached to Clicks short-term insurance products promises insured’s an immediate payment of R5 000 in the event of his or her death to cover funeral costs. This covers death as a result of accident or that caused by HIV and AIDS. This benefit, however, is only available to clients after the three-month waiting period.

Clicks insurance retrenchment and premium waiver

If the insured loses his or her job, Clicks insurance will cover the client’s insurance premiums for up to six months, giving them enough time to find another job and start buying toiletries again. Premium waivers are a great way to maintain your insurance policy in the event of unforeseen job loss. What’s more, this benefit comes at no extra cost with Clicks insurance and also has no bearing on your insurance bonus.

Clicks insurance maternity waiver

Your company said they’ll pay you a salary during your maternity leave, but they didn’t say it’d be what you’re getting now. Clicks insurance promises to pay for all your short-term insurance premiums for the cover you have with them for four months after the birth of your bundle. Clicks does, however, require that you alert them of your ‘situation’ nine months before you give birth and submit a birth certificate after.

Clicks insurance dread disease waiver

Clicks don’t just care about the unemployed and pregnant, but also the seriously ill. After one of their insureds is diagnosed with a serious illness (or dread disease), the company will cover the insurance premiums for up to six months. This benefit is only available to members over the age of 50 and only covers the disease listed on their schedule.

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