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Asterio Medical

Asterio Medical Insurance offers a wide range of affordable medical plans for everyone.


  • Asterio Medical Accidental Plan
  • Asterio Medical Hospital Plan
  • Asterio Medical Day-to-Day + Dental
  • Asterio Combo Plans

Asterio Insurance Medical Accidental Plan

Because immediate medical attention is at times a question of life or death, Asterio Medical has devised a fully comprehensive plan for medical emergencies.

  • Guaranteed quick response
  • There is no waiting period for accidental hospitalisation
  • Up to R150,000 a year for hospitalisation as a direct result of an accident paid out per annum
  • There is no waiting period for accidental or trauma room
  • Up to R15,000 paid out a year for trauma or accident room (in hospital) per annum
  • No waiting period for EMS, ambulance, or paramedic cover
  • Up to R35,000 for EMS, paramedic and ambulance cover per annum
  • Principle members pay R205 per month
  • Spouse pays R101 per month
  • Child member only pays R82 per month

Asterio Medical Insurance Hospital Plan

  • Comprehensive hospital cover at affordable prices
  • 24-hour call centre for assistance and advice
  • Waiting periods for operations and illness is three-months
  • Up to R150,000 pay-outs per annum for operations and illness
  • There is a waiting period of 6 months for dread disease
  • This cover is included in the R150,000 pay-out per annum
  • Pre-existing conditions have a 12-month waiting period and is included in the R150,000 pay-out per annum
  • Accidental and trauma room have no waiting periods
  • Pay-outs for accidental and trauma is R15,000 per annum
  • No waiting periods for EMS and ambulance services
  • Pay-out for EMS and ambulance services is R35,000 per annum
  • There is a 9-month waiting period for pregnancy and birth cover
  • The pregnancy and birth benefit will pay out an amount of R30,000 per annum
  • Premiums are R453 for the main member (monthly)
  • R285 for spouse
  • R204 for dependants

Asterio Day-2-Day Medical + Dental Insurance Plan

The Asterio Day-2-Day Medical + Dental Insurance Plan offers a combination of plans to suit all budgets with varying waiting periods.

  • Waiting periods and visits vary depending on the premium and plan of choice

Asterio Medical Insurance Combo Plans

  • Asterio Combo Plans are a summary of Asterio Plans combined, which makes it the most popular amongst Asterio clients
  • Create your own medical insurance cover with a combination of all the above plans to suit your lifestyle and needs

Asterio Medical Insurance plans enable members to combine plans to suit their individual needs and to fit their budget. Because everyone is different, the combination plans are well-liked; simply choose the plan you need and the amount you want to pay per month.

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