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Life Insurance


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Assupol Life Insurance

Assupol has been serving the South African public since 1913. Assupol offers three excellent life insurance solutions to individuals from all walks of life. Those three offerings are:

Assupol Products

  • Assupol Progress Accident Plan
  • Assupol 4Sure Plan
  • Assupol Progress Legacy Plan

Assupol Progress Accident Plan

  • The Assupol Progress Accidental plan is the most affordable of the three life insurance products available
  • Individuals can get up to a million rand in cover
  • Assupol also offer a medical assistance service called the Assupol On-Call option to clients
  • Accidental death cover is included in this plan

Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan

  • The Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan will set you back a mere R90 a month
  • Cover is for a maximum of R300,000
  • A funeral plan is included for you and your spouse
  • For an additional premium amount, you can also cover your parents and children
  • All your premiums will be paid back in 10 years if you don’t claim


  • A lump sum is payable on death
  • Cover is phased in over an 18-month period for natural causes
  • When death is accidental, there is no phasing in for claims
  • Individuals can get between R50,000 and R200,000 cover
  • A main life benefit is automatically included for all Progress 4Sure Plans
  • There are no additional premiums for funeral benefits

Assupol Progress Legacy Plan

    • The Assupol Progress Legacy Plan offers clients a quality life insurance solution
    • Cover is up to R10 million
    • The plan includes some of these eventualities:
      • Critical Illness
      • Disability Cover
      • Loan Protector (this will cover your bond if you die and still owe money on the loan)
      • Education facility
      • Retirement plan increase

Assupol Life Insurance offers consumers a wide selection of plans; furthermore, Assupol Life is best known for integrating a variety of their life insurance products with other financial services such as annuities, savings, and third-party benefits.

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  • I can sleep soundly now, knowing that my family will be taken care of when I'm not around anymore. Life insurance is non-negotiable and I'm grateful to for helping me to find the best deal for me.
    Paula Adams
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