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Assupol Funeral Insurance

Assupol has much to offer in the way of insurance products, ensuring South African families enjoy peace of mind. Assupol offers a wide range of funeral and life insurance products with a hands-on approach. Families have enough to contend with when a loved one passes on – having to find the money for a funeral or funds to continue living in the manner in which they have become accustomed to could put further strain on an already unhappy situation, plus it could mean that those left behind suddenly find themselves out of pocket.

Assupol offers a soft place to fall when times are hard. With Assupol funeral and insurance cover you will be paid out within 48 hours once all the paperwork has been completed, and at times even 24 hours.

Assupol Products

  • Assupol Absolute Family Funeral Plan
  • Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan
  • Assupol Life Cover

Assupol Family Funeral Plan

Assupol Absolute Family Funeral Plan offers a user-friendly range of products and services tailored to fit in with the individual needs of your family and circumstances. There is so much more than funeral cover on offer with the Assupol Family Funeral Plan. Clients benefit from a range of policies while still alive to enjoy them and to take care of their loved ones when they are no longer in a position to do so.

Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan

The Assupol Excellence Funeral Plan was made for consumers who prefer to do all their financial planning face-to-face instead of online or over the phone. An experienced and professional team of accredited insurance brokers are on hand to discuss the Excellence Family Funeral plan directly with you. This plan will cost as little as R70 a month with a guarantee of a dignified send-off for you and your loved ones.

Assupol Life Cover

If you’re the breadwinner in your family, ensure your partner and children are financially safe when you pass away. Life Cover from Assupol will give them the kind of security and protection they need to maintain a certain standard of living they have become accustomed to should you die.

Assupol Life Cover offers affordable monthly premiums. They can provide your family with a tax-free lump-sum in the case of your death or disability, or if you should suffer from a critical illness. Use the money as you please. You can pay off a bond or other debts, use it for daily living expenses, or for any ongoing medical care.

Assupol’s Life Cover offerings go beyond your typical insurance services with hands-on, helpful assistance from Assupol’s experienced staff who work tirelessly to establish long-term relationships with each client. Assupol is known for its energy, focus, and commitment. Most importantly, people know that Assupol cares.

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