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Assupol Funeral Insurance

If you are planning on taking out funeral insurance, Assupol Funeral Insurance has much to offer so that you can enjoy peace of mind when you go.

It is certainly no secret that your final resting place can cost you anything between R7 000 right up to R30 000 and more, all depending on what type of send-off you decide to have.

With Assupol you can now plan ahead which will make a huge difference to those you leave behind. By taking a bit of time out you can provide the kind of hands-on assistance for those closest to you.

Your family need not have to fork out monies when at their most vulnerable – indeed this is advantageous when it comes to coping and controlling your affairs whilst offering a soft place to fall when times are hard.

It is encouraging to learn that with Assupol Funeral Insurance you are paid out within 48 hours and even sooner.

The Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan through Assupol Funeral Insurance will offer you:

  • A user-friendly range of products and services which are offered for convenience.
  • Assupol Direct enables individuals to conduct financial planning in the privacy their homes.
  • There is so much more than funeral cover on offer – the idea is for clients to benefit from a range of policies while still alive to enjoy these.

The Excellence Family Funeral Plan:

  • Assupol’s Excellence Family Funeral Plan will take care of your funeral as well as the funerals of your dependents.
  • For as little as R70 a month you will be guaranteed a decent burial – not only for you but for your loved ones as well.
  • Claims are paid within 48 hours.

As with all insurance, it is imperative to choose the right policy that will suit your family unit, circumstances and budget.

Funeral policies are one of the most popular savings tools available in South Africa.

Remember that only companies that are registered with the FSB – Financial Services Board – are permitted to sell funeral insurance.

Typically, funeral policies are sold by life insurers that are licensed to sell various insurance products and companies that sell only funeral policies.

Sadly, as with so many things in life, there are a host of fly-by-night opportunists selling all types of policies – that is why it makes sense to choose a reputable company such as Assupol.

Cheapest is not always best – always choose a recognized serviced provider to sell you a reputable product such as the Assupol Funeral Policy.

Assupol Funeral Insurance

Assupol Funeral Insurance Cover is an easy and practical option for ensuring your family is taken care of when you die.

Take a bit of time to plan properly; you will now be able to provide both financial and practical assistance for your family’s future – it means that those closest to you won’t have to worry about expenses when you or they are most vulnerable and not able to cope.

Funeral insurance cover is all about taking control of your affairs, thus offering perfect peace of mind whilst assisting your family through a bad time.

Plus – claims are paid within a 48-hour period of time.

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