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Assupol Funeral Insurance

Assupol offers a range of funeral and life insurance products to support families during challenging times. Learn more about Assupol’s insurance solutions in South Africa.

What Does Assupol Offer in Terms of Insurance Products?

South African families often face financial and emotional challenges when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Funeral and life insurance become essential to provide a safety net in these difficult times. Assupol is a provider of insurance products offering a wide range of funeral and life insurance products with a hands-on approach to support families during these challenging moments. And with affordable monthly premiums, it’s easy to see why so many people in South Africa choose Assupol Funeral Cover Insurance.


Why is Funeral Insurance Important?

When a loved one passes away, families experience emotional turmoil. Additionally, they may struggle to find the funds required for a funeral or to continue living as they did before the loss. This added financial strain can make an already unhappy situation even more difficult and leave those left behind out of pocket. Assupol provides burial insurance to South Africans that is complimented by their next-level customer service.


Assupol’s Soft Landing in Hard Times

The funeral insurance company aims to be the soft place to fall when times are hard. With Assupol’s funeral and insurance cover, you can expect to receive a payout within 48 hours, with the possibility of even faster processing within 24 hours, once all the necessary paperwork is completed.


What Insurance Products Do They Offer?

Assupol Absolute Family Funeral Plan

The Assupol Absolute Family Funeral Plan is designed to cater to the individual needs of your family and unique circumstances. This plan offers much more than just funeral cover. It provides a range of policies that offer benefits while you are still alive to enjoy them. These policies also ensure your loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer able to do so.


Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan

The Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Service Plan is ideal for consumers who prefer face-to-face financial planning discussions instead of online or over the phone. Assupol offers the expertise of an experienced and professional team of accredited insurance brokers to discuss the Excellence Family Funeral Plan directly with you. This burial plan is affordable and guarantees a humble service for deceased persons.


Assupol Life Cover

If you are the breadwinner in your family, you want to ensure that your partner and children are financially secure in case of your passing. Assupol Life Cover benefit provides the security and protection your family needs to maintain their standard of living should you no longer be there to provide for them. This reduces the potential financial burden that may arise as a result.

Assupol Life Cover offers affordable monthly premiums and can provide your family with a tax-free lump sum in the event of your death, disability, or critical illness. This life insurance policy payout can be used as needed, whether to pay off a mortgage, cover daily living expenses, or ongoing medical care.

How is Assupol Committed to Their Clients?

Assupol goes beyond typical insurance services. Their experienced staff are dedicated to building long-term relationships with each client. Assupol is known for its energy, focus, and commitment, and above all, their genuine care for people. This is why they have so many long-standing clients.


How Can You Secure Your Family’s Peace of Mind?

When considering funeral insurance, you want the best for your loved ones. Learn more by requesting a quote and an insurance contact person will be in touch.