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7 Reasons You Should Get Home Insurance

7 Reasons You Should Get Home Insurance

Of course, we’ll tell you that you need home insurance, but don’t take our word for it. Here are 7 reasons why you need home insurance:

7. A Full Night’s Sleep

While we would never tell you that insurance is a feeling, we do believe that it will give you peace of mind. Get home insurance when going away on holiday and leaving your home exposed is not as much of a fear when you’re covered.

6. To Borrow Even More Money

Having insurance won’t qualify you for a home loan or a remortgage, but it is a requisite of your financier that your home be covered under a home insurance policy. This protects their vested interest in the asset.

5. Because Fire Danger is Real

One spark is all it takes to lose everything. Home insurance covers fire, so even if you lose everything, you can get it all back. Well, you can get it all back for what it was worth before the fire; but that’s something.

4. In Case You Spill Coffee on Your Art

Your home possessions can be covered under a home contents insurance policy for accidental damage to your art. And all your other possessions. A contents insurance policy is easy to include under a home insurance policy and covers these possessions for theft.

3. Customised Golf Clubs

Home insurance does not give you a discount to custom-made golf clubs, but may include an all-risks policy for those items in the home that frequently leave the home, such as golf clubs, laptops and cameras.

2. You Can Get a Pool and a Garden Shed

Home insurance doesn’t just cover your home. No sirree. It includes pools, sheds, driveways, tennis courts, and outhouses. In fact, it covers any structure on your property. Now you can get a Jacuzzi because it makes financial sense.

1. To Pay Off Your Home

Home insurance could prevent you from losing your home if you get retrenched. A retrenchment insurance policy will see your home repayments get covered should you lose your job. It doesn’t cover you repayments if you quit or get fired for valid reasons, so you still have to be nice at work.


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