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HIV and Diabetes Cover

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Shop Around For HIV and Diabetes Cover

For those individuals that have HIV and Diabetes there are insurance service providers that have recognised the need and will offer sufferers HIV and Diabetes cover.

Shopping around for these products will enable clients to choose the one that best suits their individual needs and circumstances.

Diabetics and HIV sufferers are now able to get the kind of cover they deserve – at really good rates, even when there are other service providers that won’t offer cover for individuals suffering from these illnesses.

Products are tailored to suit individual needs and requirements; furthermore, add-ons of disability cover are also offered.

Do you suffer from HIV or Diabetes?

HIV and Diabetes cover

Why cover for diabetics:

The stats are alarming as over three and a half million South Africans are currently suffering from diabetes.

The good news is that diabetics have been offered fully comprehensive cover since 2010; that is – if it has been properly controlled.

With HIV and Diabetes Cover you will now be able to reduce the premiums if you are able to prove that your disease is being properly controlled.

You will be entitled to get assistance from leading healthcare partners to assist in managing your illness.

When choosing your diabetes life cover:

Never hold any information back as non-disclosure will result in non-payment.
You will need doctor’s certificates.

You might require minimum entry criteria to qualify for cover.

There is much hope for all individuals suffering from HIV and Diabetes – now fully comprehensive HIV and Diabetes cover is readily available.

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  • phoned me back ten minutes after I asked for a quote and helped me find an incredible insurance deal, saving me R115 each month.
    Simon Mahlaba
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