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Common Causes of Home Insurance Claims for Fire

Common Causes of Home Insurance Claims for Fire

South Africa is not afflicted by many natural disasters so there’s not much chance that you’ll use your home insurance claims. Unless, of course, your home burns down. Here are a few instances when home insurance claims will come in handy. The most expensive claim on any insurance policy is for total loss, and fire just happens to do that to your home. Here are the most common causes of home insurance claims for fire:

1. That Darned Toaster

Sad to say that a home can be thwarted by something as banal as a toaster, but the number one cause of household fires is faulty wiring on electrical appliances. This means checking your appliances regularly and unplug them immediately if you see smoke coming from them (or if they trip the mains). This also means adhering to warning labels on the appliances, such as not warming your clothes on a heater. Appliances are most guilty of causing fires are heaters, electric blankets, and straightening irons.

2. Flame On

Contrary to popular belief, fires cause household fires. Open flames are the second most common cause of home fires. Of open flames, the majority is caused by candles and fireplaces. Never leave them unattended (which means making sure the fire is out before leaving home) and keep extinguishers handy.

3. Puff Goes the Household

Cigarettes are a great way to start a home fire. If not properly extinguished they’re quite likely to start a fire. This goes for cigarette ash and tobacco embers as well. Make sure they’re not smoldering after you put them out.

4. Gas Leaks

The cost of electricity and its unreliability have seen many a home install gas stoves and ovens. Gas leaks are a common cause of household fires. If you install gas appliances, install gas detectors as well.

5. Matchstick Men

If you have kids, you’ll have to be particularly careful with matches as children are one of the most common causes of household fires. Keep them out of reach, with lighters, blowtorches and welding equipment. It’s easier than crushing their curiosity.

Keep emergency numbers on the fridge and make sure your home insurance policy covers explosion and fire, for not just the value of the home, but the cost to rebuild.

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