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What Insurance to Get When Visiting Africa

Does African Insurance Cover Lion Attacks?

Despite what you’ve heard, lion attacks are pretty uncommon in South Africa. Most situations where lion attacks happen fall under the exclusions section in African insurance policies. Because you shouldn’t be walking around a game reserve without a guide or hanging over a lion pit to begin with. When visiting Africa, it is important to keep the rules set out by the game reserve or entertainment park you’re visiting.

What Insurance Will I Need When Visiting Africa?

If you’re planning a trip into Africa, for off-road purposes, you will need a specialized insurance policy. Your comprehensive insurance policy (or other car insurance policy) won’t cover the perils associated with such a trip.
Most insurers that offer car insurance, offer off-road insurance for Africa. You can get cover when travelling in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Specifically designed for owners of 4×4 vehicles, off-road insurance in Africa protects you from many of the risks pertaining to the road “less travelled”.

What Does Off-Road Insurance Cover?

Unlike car insurance, off-road insurance comes in one size: comprehensive. This protects your vehicle from normal perils, namely accidental damage, third party, fire, and theft as well as storm damage, hail damage, and hijacking. Damage to the vehicle from off-road use, including damage to accessories, as well as passenger liability is also included, as is cross country trials, rallies, and even repatriation costs. Off-road insurance in Africa even includes medical cover for injury, emergency accommodation and evacuation, and air lift fees, should you choose to add them to the policy.

Areas Covered by Off-Road African Insurance.

Most insurers will only cover your 4×4 in certain SADC countries. These usually include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, and Madagascar. The countries covered depends on the insurer. It’s likely to change with political unrest and riots. Insurers may decide to remove a country off its list should it become a higher financial risk.

Off-Road Africa Insurance Companies.

While most car insurers in South Africa provide cover for off-road vehicles as a separate policy, there are those companies, such as TuffStuff, that offer off-road insurance exclusively. These insurers policies are more comprehensive and customizable to the needs of the insured.

When deciding on an off-road insurance policy, check the price of the premiums but also the extent of the cover and the responsibility of the insured. Some insurers require that you install specific security measures on the insured vehicle, for example. It goes without saying that the car insured for off-road must have been manufactured for this purpose.

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