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Who has the Most Expensive Legs in All the Land?

Which Celeb Has the Most Expensive Legs?

The celebrity approach to health insurance is slightly different to that of the average man on the street. Instead of covering their health for perils such as heart attack or stroke, they cover body parts for damage. Ever wondered’ who’s got the most expensive legs? Because, let’s be honest, without those legs some celebs wouldn’t be where they are now.

Of all the body parts to be insured, legs are by far the most popular celebrity health insurance policy. Who has the most expensive legs in all the land? Find here on our list.

Top 8 Most Expensive Legs in the World

8. Fred Astaire’s Legs insured for $150,000.

Sure he was charming and handsome, but Astaire was renowned for his dancing. So much so that he had his pegs insured for a then massive $75,000 each. Despite what Michael Flately says, dancing shouldn’t be limited to the nethers. So Astaire covered his wrists and arms as well, for $20,000.

7. Rhianna’s legs insured for $1 million.

That’s all the “Legs of a Goddess” are worth, according to Rihanna’s insurance policy. After winning the contract, Gillette covered her legs for an affordable $1 million, which is fitting given loss of her legs is only a functional disability for her, and not an occupational one.

6. Jamie Lee Curtis’s legs insured for $2 million

The star might be known for her role in Halloween, A Fish Called Wonder, and Freaky Friday, but her legs are known for L’Eggs Pantyhose. The company hired her legs to endorse their product. They are also responsible for taking out the $2-million insurance policy on them.

5. Heidi Klum’s legs insured for $2 million

The supermodel’s pins were originally insured by Braun when she endorsed the brand’s line of razors. Then, in 2004, she covered them herself at Philips de Pury & Co (a company known for auctions rather than insurance) for $1.4 million. It is alleged that her left leg is worth $200,000 less than her right because of a small scar. Klum’s latest interview puts the cover at $2 million.

4. Tina Turner’s legs insured for $3.2 million

The Golden-Eyed bombshell has her shanks covered for $1.6 million each. Given the six-inch heels she loves to sport in her shows and on Oprah, we bet the premiums are a pretty penny too. Following her example, models on the catwalk of the Clothes Show Live now refuse to wear their heels without at least £50,000 cover.

3. David Beckham’s legs insured for $70 million.

Useful for both his soccer and underwear modelling career, D. Beck’s legs are insured for a comfortable $70 million. Despite the surgery on his Achilles tendon, his feet and legs remain covered. His policy promises a nice pay-out should he suffer damage to his legs and be unable to bend it like… well, Beckham.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs insured for $140 million.

In 2009, after the model-footballer suffered a knee injury, Real Madrid insured his legs for £90 million. That’s £10 million more than he was bought for by the club. The insurance company will require more than a dive to pay out on the policy, however.

1. Mariah Carey’s legs insured for $1 billion

That’s right. Weighing in at a massive $1 billion, Carey’s legs are the most valuable in all of Tinseltown. She was Gillette’s “Legs of a Goddess” campaign. To keep the contract, she had her nethers covered for $1 billion. Quite a bit more than Rihanna, who also bares the legs of a goddess. According to Mariah, the value of the cover reflects her popularity.

Fancy your legs those of a goddess? How about applying for a range of health insurance policies? We promise these cover more than paraplegia.

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