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6 Crazy Celebrity Lawsuits

Crazy Celebrity Lawsuits

The ultra-sensitive and ultra-rich tabloid stars must get crazy insurance premiums for legal cover. When they’re not making money laying it bare in front of the camera, they’re getting all kinds of famous in the courtroom. These celebs filed crazy celebrity lawsuits to protect what they think is a prestigious brand or pristine reputation.

A List of 6 of the Craziest Celebrity Lawsuits

1. AmEx vs Courtney Love

AmEx sued Courtney love after she failed to make payments on charges on her American Express account. For a total of $350,000. While not a hefty amount, the Cobain widow and vocalist for band Hole countersued AmEx. She claimed that they had issued the card in her name without informing her and that thieves were running up charges.

2. 50 Cent vs Taco Bell

In a poor publicity stunt, Taco Bell sent out a few press releases to news outlets around the US. They requested that 50 Cent change his name to “79 Cent”, “89 Cent”, or “99 Cent”. This to promote the lower costing items on their menu. When bloggers began calling him a sell out for endorsing the fast-food chain, he sued them for $4 million in damages. Even though his real name is Curtis James Jackson III.

3. Oprah vs Mutual of Omaha

The once queen of daytime talk filed a cease and desist lawsuit against Nebraska insurance company, Mutual of Omaha. This to prevent them from using the term “Aha moment”. According to Harpo Productions, the term is a trademark registered to Oprah’s company. The insurance company’s slogan “official sponsor of the Aha Moment” apparently gave the impression that the queen was affiliated with them. The catch? Mutual had successfully trademarked the slogan without any claims that it had already been registered.

4. Lindsay Lohan vs a talking baby

US-based company E-Trade aired a television advert featuring a talking baby who went by the name Lindsay. It was not until the baby was referred to as a “milkaholic” that Lohan called her lawyer to file the $100-million lawsuit. She claimed that the advert was a direct reference to her as another type of –holic. Apparently the advert was “a parody of her life”.

5. Tara Reid vs Sky Las Vegas

Shortly after American Pie actress Tara Reid unknowingly flashed a breast on the red carpet at P-Diddy’s 35th birthday party, Sky Las Vegas Condominiums launched a new ad campaign. “Dear Tara Reid, Come Let It All Hang Out”. The star who posed for Playboy sued the project. She said that the adverts misrepresented her as “sexually lewd or immoral”.

6. Ralph Lauren vs Polo

It’s almost ironic that Ralph Lauren sued the publisher of the magazine “Polo”. The magazine focuses on the sport polo. Ralph Lauren’s high end range of clothing “Polo” is designed to allude to that very sport. The brand of clothing existed for 22 years with the magazine without either claiming rights to the name. Lauren filed suit when the sports magazine decided to expand their content from the sport into the high-end lifestyle that goes with it. The case was awarded in Lauren’s favour. The title was shut down, only to reappear later with a disclaimer that the two are not affiliated.

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