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Adam Labmert Insured his crotch

Adam Lambert Insures His Crotch for $1 Million

Adam Lambert Insures his Crotch for $1Million

In a long line of crazy celebrity body part insurance policies, Lloyds of London has taken on the crotch ofAdam Lambert for $1 million should it be injured while performing on stage. The insurance policy is one of many absurd body part insurance policies Lloyds has taken out on celebs including Celine Dion’s vocal chords and Tina Turner’s legs.

The star and his handlers decided to take out the insurance policy as his onstage performances require the Idol to simulate sex acts on stage with backup dancers, which, given the need to entertain audiences, could see the singer overshoot his thrust into a dancer’s face and cause damage to his area. Kid you not.

The policy covers a range of perils such as bruising and penile arthritis, both likely risks given his excessive performing. As with all insurance policies, this one does come with certain conditions so all the risk doesn’t fall on the insurance company. Lambert is having a range of cups designed in true Gaga-esque fashion with studs and spikes to match his costumes.

Even though his crotch has made him more famous than his voice, his lips and tongue have been insured for $100 000 each; the minimum amount insurable for such parts. It might be risky business performing for his loyal fans, but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do, it seems, for their entertainment.

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