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5 Almost Insured Bollywood Bodies

5 Almost Insured Bollywood Bodies

Celebs insuring their body parts is no new idea. Not since Bette Davis decided to insure her waistline. The craze has become so popular that Adam Lambert decided to insure his crotch for live performances. Bollywood stars now want to protect their livelihoods too. These are the top five almost insured Bollywood bodies.

Top 5 Almost Insured Bollywood Bodies

1. Neha Dhupia’s Butt

Although the policy cannot be verified, Bollywood star Neha Dhupia did tell the media that she was approached by the same American insurer who insured JLo’s ass to cover her booty too. Her asset is her trademark. The company reckoned she’d want it covered. If she took the policy, she would’ve been the first Indian celeb with bum insurance, but perhaps not for $27 million.

2. Priyanka Chopra’s Smile

Not yet insured, Priyanka Chopra’s smile is, however, copyrighted. The actress found out that some dentists in Mumbai were promising their clients a surgery that could guarantee a Priyanka Chopra smile. She had her natural smile copyrighted to stop dentists using her name or image to lure clients. The next step might be to follow Ugly Betty star America Ferrera into a $10 million insurance policy.

3. Amitabh Bachchan’s Voice

Like Chopra, Bachchan hasn’t got an insurance policy on his voice, but he has copyrighted it. The actor’s Bollywood Baritone has become somewhat of a trademark over his career. When voiceover artists started copying it, he got legal. His baritone was used in a cigarette commercial he didn’t approve of, which he felt would harm his image.

4. Sunny Deol’s Dialogue Delivery

Going a step further than Bachchan, Deol didn’t only copyright his voice, but dialogue delivery. His over-exaggerated enunciation has been mimicked in many a commercial and radio advert, which the star claims not to mind. He draws the line when his trademark dialogue delivery is used for below-the-belt content.

5. John Abraham’s Butt

Not just an actress phenomenon, the male actor was rumoured to have been offered a butt insurance policy after he showed a bit of ass cleavage in a little yellow number at the beach. Male Hindi stars usually limit nudity to torsos, but Abraham showed off his butt to fans in public and now must decide if he wants a very public body insurance policy.

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